GTU Mechanical Engineering Department was established by reuniting of Energy Systems Engineering and Design and Manufacturing Engineering in 2008. Our department consists of three divisions:

Design and Manufacturing Division

Everything desired in modern society is manufactured. These manufactured products are everywhere: automobile, medical devices, machines, household products, electronics goods, almost everything we utilize. At manufacturing of these products, the time, money and labour should utilize efficiently. Design and manufacturing engineers manufacture products with the required functionality, high quality standards, at the best possible price and environmentally friendly methods. 

Design and Manufacturing Department involves designing high-quality, functional and economic products and manufacturing of these products with high accuracy. At manufacturing stage, efficient production methods are developed and advanced technologies are utilized. Manufacturing group has studied on “environment conscious machining” strategies recently. Non-polluting vegetable based cutting fluids have been used in machining area and advanced level researches on recycling of plastics have been conducted.

Some studies conducted at laboratories of Design and Manufacturing department are stated below:

CAD/CAM Laboratory

  • Machinability experiments of various engineering materials
  • Tool wear and tool life researches
  • Process optimization
  • Measurements of cutting force, torque, surface roughness, tool wear.


Plastic Injection Laboratory

  • Manufacturing the plastic samples in injection molding machine
  • Investigation the mechanical and flow properties of manufactured samples
  • Investigation the effect of recycled plastics on mechanical properties
  • Research the mechanical properties of the different plastic blends.

Energy Systems Division

Energy production is the biggest greenhouse gas emission producers with 70% in developing countries like Turkey. Similarly, Energy imports become 72% percent of the foreign trade deficit with a constant increase. As well as efficient use, going toward renewable energy is essential to make Turkey’s energy system sustainable and protecting the ecosystem.

Energy Systems Division of Mechanical Engineering Department in GYTE continues its educational and research activities according to these principles. Evaluation and development of renewable energy resources, reducing energy consumptions of existing high energy consumer plants are among its research areas.

Energy Systems engineering is situated on a perspective involved with natural sciences like mathematics, physics and chemistry and advanced engineering fields like fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. All kind of research both theoretic, experimental and simulation based   required for a candidate of energy systems engineering are conducted and graduation of fully equipped students are provided in our division.

Energy Systems Division is also participating in various national research projects. Nacelle production part of National Wind Energy Systems and Fuel Cell of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (electric production via hydrogen) are most important ones among them. A small hydroelectric power generation test lab where many flow and control test can be conducted is also present in the campus.

As a brief, in Energy Systems Division we conduct research about

  • Investigation of renewable energy resources
  • Modeling, simulation, analysis and design of renewable systems.
  • Optimization of energy systems
  • Energy storing.

We are also providing education, awareness and consultancy services about reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency for both industry and end-user.

Machine theory, System Dynamics and Control

Machine dynamics is a discipline which investigates forces acting on a system. Modeling system, constructing mathematical model and building appropriate control algorithms are fundamental steps. System Dynamics and control is a division which includes mechanic, electromechanical, hydraulic and thermal systems 

Major research areas are

  • Machine Dynamics
  • Mechanical Vibrations
  • Automatic Control
  • Robotic
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Automation
  • Mechanism technics
  • System Identification

and such applications. In this manner, consultancy services are provided


"Be a nationally recognized mechanical engineering department that attracts, rewards, and retains outstanding faculty, students, and staff".


The Mechanical Engineering Department is committed to providing highest quality education in mechanical engineering, conducting world-class basic and applied research, addressing the evolving needs of industry and society, and supporting the development of more competitive and new industry in Turkey.

Aims and Objectives

With a world class graduate education, raising mechanical engineers which

  • Fully equipped to take parts RD departments of industry and academy,
  • make lifelong learning as motto
  • are active in team work
  • can build and model engineering problems
  • gained analysis and synthesis skills
  • can produce optimum outputs
  • can make scientific research intended  to increase life quality
  • and can produce new technology
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