The Department of Industrial Design that exists within the structure of the Faculty of Architecture at Gebze Technical University is located in Çayırova Campus. Çayırova Campus is one of the rare examples that has achieved to protect the natural life in the region with its 245 thousand square meters green area. The department, which has not yet started education and teaching, continues its establishment activities in order to become a design department that can keep up with the recent developments home and abroad, that forms collaborations with the industrial organizations in its region, and that can develop and deploy original projects.



The Department of Industrial Product Design defines its goals as follows:

  • produce new and innovative projects by working to the benefit of all the stakeholders involved in the production, marketing and utilization processes of today's industry, in line with the environment, the economy, user needs, and the ethics of the profession,
  • prepare students for professional life in terms of research and practice by collaborating with the industry,
  • educate undergraduate and graduate students so that they become creative, entrepreneurial, qualified and sensible individuals who are both technically capable and capable design wise, who can keep up with the developments in the world, who can take part in teamwork, and who act with the ethics of the profession in mind.


Fields of Research and Employment Opportunities

Industrial Designers can:

  • work in public and private sector organizations engaged in mass production,
  • design products used in everyday life (automobiles, mobile phones, bicycles, lighting items, furniture, white goods, shoes etc.) and new packaging forms needed in packaging production (glass packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging),
  • also build an academic career and undertake management, design consultancy and similar positions.


Academic Staff


Asst. Prof. Ceyda ÖZGEN (Head of Department)

PhD: Istanbul Technical University



PhD: Istanbul Technical University


Instructor Nehir TAŞTAN

PHD: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi


Res. Asst. Begüm TÜREYENGİL

PHD: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi


Res. Asst. Ece ÇINAR

PHD: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi


Res. Asst. Ahmet Furkan KELEŞ

Master Degree: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi




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