Anti-Mobbing Office

Mission: Anti-Mobbing Office’s mission is to follow up on anti-mobbing cases and prevent mobbing at the workplace to the full extent of its power.

Bodies within the Office:

Sub-Committee: Performs its duties under Article 6 of the Directives for the Anti-Mobbing Office at GTU, conducts the preliminary evaluation of applications made to the Office, escalates the admitted cases to the Supreme Committee, and provides secretarial services for the Supreme Committee.

Anti-Mobbing Sub-Committee at GTU

Assoc. Prof. Meral ELÇİ, PhD

Faculty Member, Faculty of Business Administration


Ahmet Yaşar GÜNALP, Lawyer

Deputy Legal Counsel, Office of Legal Counsel


Gamze SARI, Lawyer

Lawyer, Office of Legal Counsel



Psychologist, Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports



Manager, Office of Correspondence


Supreme Committee: Performs its duties under the Article 9 of the Directives for the Anti-Mobbing Office at GTU, conducts the final evaluation and resolution of the cases escalated by the Sub-Committee.

Anti-Mobbing Supreme Committee at GTU

Prof. Nilay COŞGUN, PhD

Vice Rector, Rectorate


Prof. Melek ÖZKAN, PhD

Faculty Member, Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Fatma YÜKSEL, PhD

Faculty Member, Faculty of Science


Prof. Elif Özlem AYDIN, PhD

Faculty Member, Faculty of Architecture


Prof. Bülent SEZEN, PhD

Faculty Member, Faculty of Business Administration


Bahtiyar TELLİ

Director, Directorate of Personnel Affairs


Who Can Apply:

GTU Project Assistants

GTU Academic, Administrative and Contract Staff

GTU Students

When to Apply:

Any Project Assistant, Academic, Administrative and Contract Staff, and Student of GTU who believes they are going through systematic and constant mobbing at work/at the campus in any form of physical or verbal harassment in a way that harms their physical and mental health and the self-esteem, causes discomfort and conflict at home, negatively affects their personality, personal dignity and the reputation in the society, and reduces their creativity and performance can apply to the Anti-Mobbing Office following the procedure below.

How to Apply:

1)     Fill in the Application Form.

2)     Deliver the form by hand to Ömer ATAKAY, Manager of the Office of Correspondence at GTU, or

3)     Send it through your GTU e-mail address to

Evaluation Process:

1)      A pre-evaluation is made for whether or not include the application submitted by the applicant among the anti-mobbing cases described in Article 10 of the Directives for the Anti-Mobbing Office.

2)      The application is either rejected with its justification included or, within the applicant’s knowledge, escalated to the Anti-Mobbing Supreme Committee along with the Application Evaluation Form.

3)      The applications escalated to the Supreme Committee are evaluated in detail by the Committee and the persons involved may be called for hearing.

4)      The Supreme Committee may designate a member of the university staff for reconciliation in order to help the applicant. The designated member informs the Committee on whether or not a reconciliation has been reached.

5)      After a final evaluation, the Supreme Committee submits its resolution to the Rectorate.


All the applications, conversations and correspondence related to cases are kept confidential. 


Directives for the Anti-Mobbing Office at GTU

Last Updated (Names Only): July 18, 2018

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