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    As GTU Industrial Engineering Department, we would like to offer you the opportunity to talk with our students and faculty members to get to know our department. If you want to contact us, you can use the following resources.

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Unlike other traditional engineering fields, it is very difficult to define the field of Industrial Engineering with a single word, but it can be described as "the branch of science that examines the comprehensive and systematic analysis, management and service of various industrial systems consisting of people, resources and information". Industrial Engineering, which is often referred to as a discipline that pursues optimization and maximum efficiency, initially focused mainly on the efficient management of production systems, but later expanded to include the public sector, finance, distribution and transportation thanks to the development of computers and information technology, and today it continues to expand with a focus on the data science and medical industries.

Industrial engineering deals with scientific theory and practical methods that synthesize management strategy and engineering technology to plan and operate the management strategy of companies. Industrial engineers are highly promising engineers who can see both forest and trees, are knowledgeable about the individual composition elements of complex systems, and can also make decisions at various system levels for the efficient integration of system elements, thus creating a link between engineering and business.

GTU Industrial Engineering Department  aims to train qualified industrial engineers with its competent, strong and dynamic academic staff, effective teaching program and physical resources, and  to shape the scientific world by making significant academic contributions.

As an R&D-focused state university, our campus is located in an important region where many industrial establishments are located, and thanks to the strong connections we have built with  the sector, our students, together with their faculty members, can actively take part in projects in cooperation with industry and government institutions.

As the Department of Industrial Engineering, we attach importance to entrepreneurship activities, and thanks to the curriculum and infrastructure we offer in this direction, our students can be trained as successful entrepreneur candidates.

In our Master's and Doctorate programs, our goal is to train experts and researchers who have made significant academic progress, add value to the sector and academia with their strong researcher personality and original approach.

Although Gebze Technical University (GTU) Industrial Engineering is a young department, it has made significant progress in a short time, left many well-established universities in Turkey behind and  succeeded to rank high , this progress will continue at an accelerated pace.




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