Faculty Members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şölen KINAYYİĞİT
Email: solenkgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 220
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1731
Nanocatalysis, Energy Applications (FCs, Fischer-Tropsch..), Green Synthesis, Food Packaging Apps, Metal Nanoparticle & Nanocomposite Development, Electrochemical&Photophysical Processes, chemosensing
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuray KIZILDAĞ
Email: nuraykizildaggtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 221
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1755
Smart Materials, Functional Textile Materials, Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Nanofibers, Nanocomposites, Composites, Recycling & Upcycling of Plastics, Circularity, Sustainability
İsrafil KÜÇÜK
Assoc. Prof. Dr. İsrafil KÜÇÜK
Email: i.kucukgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, 221
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1190
Microneedles, Microfluidics, Drug delivery/Pharmaceutics, Micro/nano carriers, Tissue engineering, Nanobiotechnology, Biomaterials.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sadiye VELİOĞLU
Email: sadiyevelioglugtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, 110
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1192
Development of nanocomposite membranes for energy and environmental appl.s, Identification of structure-property relation via advanced characterization tools, Use of molecular simulation approaches.
Assist. Prof. Nihan AYDEMİR
Email: naydemirgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 215
Phone: +90 (262) 605 33 01
Fabrication and characterization of nano particles, wires and films to be used in biosensors, smart materials and stretchable electronics as well as clean room practices for micro device fabrication.
Assist. Prof. Osman EKSİK
Email: oeksikgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 219
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1757
Synthesizing Carbon Based Nanomaterials, Polymer Nanocomposites, Lithium IonBtteries, Supercapacitors
Maksut Maksutoğlu
Assist. Prof. Maksut Maksutoğlu
Email: mmaksutoglugtu.edu.tr
Office: Block H, 201
Phone: +90 (262) 605 12 98
Electrical and Magnetic characterization of multiferroic materials, Magnetoelectric effect, Magnetocapacitance effect, Empedance spectroscopy, Halbach and two pole magnet design and simulation.


Perihan AKSU
Dr. Perihan AKSU
Email: paksugtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, 103/Z04
Phone: +90 (262) 1091
Nanomagnetism, Thin Film Growth with UHV Systems (Magnetron Sputtering, E-Beam), Surface Characterization Techniques (LEED, XPS, AES), Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR) and XRD.
Şafak GÖK
Dr. Şafak GÖK
Email: safak.gokgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-03
Phone: +90 (262) 605 10 94
Magnetoresistive biosensors, magn. semiconductors, PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS, magn. domain imaging, AFM, MFM, PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY, FIB, Phys. Vap. Depo., magneto transport measurements, SPC.


Bahar Şölen AKDEMİR
Res. Asst. Bahar Şölen AKDEMİR
Email: bsakdemirgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 207
Phone: +90 (262) 605 17 32
Piezoelectric materials, electroactive polymer composites
Mehmet Emre AKÖZ
Res. Asst. Mehmet Emre AKÖZ
Email: akozgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-02
Phone: +90 (262) 605 10 90
Magnetic Materials, Exchange Bias Effect, Thin Film Characterization Techniques, Biomaterials, Contact Lenses
Onur Alp AKSAN
Res. Asst. Onur Alp AKSAN
Email: oaksangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 207
Phone: +90 (262) 605 17 32
Vala Can AŞKAN
Res. Asst. Vala Can AŞKAN
Email: vcaskangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-02
Phone: +90 (262) 0262
Optical Fibers, Sol-gel Derived Thin Films, Flexible Thermoelectric Generators,
Laser-Induced Graphene, Surface Analysis with the XPS Method
Res. Asst. Tuğba BAYSAL
Email: tbaysalgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-08
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1754
Nanofibers, Air filration applications, 2D inorganic membranes, Organic solvent nanofiltration, MXenes, Atomistic-scale simulations
Res. Asst. Fatmanur KOCAMAN KABİL
Email: fatmanurkocamangtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-08
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1732
Thin film transistors, Thermoelectric generators, Stretchable electronics, Graphene fabrication
Ahmet Musap MERT
Res. Asst. Ahmet Musap MERT
Email: ahmetmertgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block R, 126
Phone: +90 (262) 605 17 31
Nanocatalyst and Clean Energy Applications, Organometallic Synthesis, PEMFC Applications
Res. Asst. Okan ÖZDEMİR
Email: okanozdemirgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z-02
Phone: +90 (262) 605 1096
Gas Sensors, Nanomagnetism, Fabrication and Characterization of Thin Films, Spintronics.
Res. Asst. Hasan TOPAÇLI
Email: htopacligtu.edu.tr
Office: ,
Phone: +90 (262)
Esranur YÜKSEL
Res. Asst. Esranur YÜKSEL
Email: eyukselgtu.edu.tr
Office: Block P, Z08
Phone: +90 (262) 6051732
Res. Asst. Berkcan ZÜLFİKAR
Email: berkcan.zulfikargtu.edu.tr
Office: ,
Phone: +90 (262)

External Teaching Staff

Previous Teaching Staff

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