Transport of Old Mails to New Mail (Office 365)

Step 1: Let's open our Outlook 2013 Client and click File.



 Step 2: After click the File, let's click the Open & Export


Step 3: The Import and Export Wizard will be available. Let's select Export to a file from the wizard and click on the forward button.
Export to a file (Dosyaya ver) seçerek ileri butonuna tıklayalım.


Step 4: In the page that opens, let's continue to progress by selecting the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.


Step 5: To transfer all data, by selecting the mail box and let's click the Next button.


Step 6: On the above screen, we will export it first and I will save it to the appropriate place by clicking on the Browse button where the pst file will be saved. Select Replace duplicates with items exported and click on the Finish button.

Step 7:  Because of won't us create a password for the pst file we export, leave the Password blank and let's click the OK button. The export time will vary depending on the size of your PST file and your mail file size.


Step 8: I saved the pst file on the desktop. When I return to the desktop, you will now see that my backup.pst file has been created.


Step 9:  Currently, when I return to my Office 365 panel, we can see that the mailbox belonging to my user is empty.


Step 10: Now let's turn on my client computer again and open the Control Panel. When we turn on the Control panel, click Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013).


Step 11: The upper window will come up. You will have to create a new profile by clicking the Add button in the window that opens.


Step 12: Let's give a name to the Profile Name. Click the OK button.


Step 13: The "Add Account" window will open. After entering the mail and password information with the extension of our user, click on the Next button. We are now in the process of configuring Outlook 2013 here.

 Step 14: Once we have verified our user information, let's click Finish to finish the process.


Step 15: The new account that we added in the Mail window appears. We can close the window by pressing the Ok button.

Step 16: We had previously exported our pst file. Now we will import the pst file we exported into the process. Now let's start our Outlook 2013 mail client again. Let's click File, Open & Export, and Import / Export.

 Step 17: The Import and Export Wizard will be available. In this window, let's choose Import from another program or file and continue to progress.


Step 18: In the page that opens, let's continue by selecting the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.

 Step 19: Now by clicking on Browse, let's display the backup.pst file we exported earlier. Let's continue by clicking on the Next button.

Step 20: We can choose to export individual data, or we can select all of our mailboxes. Let's finish the process by clicking Finish. The length of this process will vary depending on the size of the file we import.

Step 21: Now we can see all of our mails in our new profile. Also a process will start here. All mail and other calendars and contacts will start to be transferred to Office 365.

Step 22:  If we look back at our mailbox through Office 365, we can see that all our mails are on Office 365. Now our users will begin to use the Office 365 service effectively.

Note: Users who don't have Outlook software on their computer or can't carry old mail with this method can get support by writing their e-mail address to .

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