Qualified Electronic Certificate (NES)

Step 1

  1. The current "JAVA" must be installed. https://java.com/en/
  2. After installation you need to verify Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers. (You will verify the Java version). During verification, press "allow and remember" and "ok" button. (Web address https://java.com/en/ )
  3. Adobe Reader should be installed https://get.adobe.com/tr/reader/

Step 2

Download "AKİS Administrator package".

64 Bit (Windows)

32 Bit (Windows)

MAC OS (El Capitan) 

enVision.Client.Service (Chrome Sign-In E-Signing Tool)(NEW)

In case of connection problems, related programs can be obtained from the Information Technologies Department - EBYS Unit.

Step 3

  1. It is clicked on "Qualified Electronic Certificate Operations" links under "online transactions" at http://www.kamusm.gov.tr
  2. "Encrypted Login" is done on the opened page.
  3. After you fill out the "Security Wording" fields that you have typed while filling out the ID, ID, and the forms that you receive by mail, click on the Login.
  4. The SMS confirmation code for your mobile phone will be entered at the desired location.
  5. You can see your PIN code by pressing the corresponding button.
  6. If you think you need it, you can change your PIN code by inserting your computer and using "Akis Card Monitoring Tool".
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