Life in Gebze

Gebze (ancient names: Dakibyza and Libyssa) is an industrial city in Kocaeli, Turkey. As a close neighbor of Istanbul on the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, it is the largest district of Kocaeli. Having experienced a rapid growth in population, Gebze accounts for 15% of Turkish industrial production. Gebze Institute of Technology takes advantage of this position to support professional practices, trainings and industrial relations with nearby companies.

Kocaeli is a city of Turkey. The largest town in the province is now Gebze. The province is located at the easternmost end of the Marmara Sea, especially on the Gulf of İzmit. Because of the size and natural conditions of the Bay of İzmit, the city is a giant natural harbor. Therefore, Kocaeli has lots of harbor facilities.

Gebze welcomes rowing teams on the shores of Marmara and trekking groups and photographers at the wonderful view of natural sites. 10 km to Gebze, National Park of Ballıkayalar Valley stretches for 1.5 km. It is a valley which is visited by climbers frequently. At the end of puddles and falls of water, travertine terraces finally reach out to Ballıkaya rivulet and offer a natural track to follow. The canyon has conveniently low plains where one can camp out. The track connects the eastern and western cliffs to snapshot sunrise or sundown.

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Gebze Technical University is located at the heart of the industry, at a key location that connects Asia and Europe. It is maximum 1 hour away from Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa and Yalova cities and a 15-minute drive from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and also at the center of approximately 20 million people population.

GTU's campus is easily accessible by public transport to and from Istanbul and Kocaeli. Commuting to GTU will be much easier when Marmaray Project, two stations of which are located within our campus, is completed.

Gebze-Harem Minibuses operate between İstanbul and GTU Campus. Gebze-İzmit Minibuses operate between İzmit (province centre) and GTU Campus. Fares are fixed and usually displayed on the front window of the minibuses. (Both Gebze-Harem and Gebze-İzmit travel fares are about € 2). Taxis can be found within the city and spotted with their original yellow color. They operate using taxi-meters and the fare depends on the length of journey. They are naturally more expensive than minibuses, but foreign visitors usually find the fares quite reasonable.

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