7 Facts About GTU



Gebze Technical University is located in the heart of industry, at an extremely important and key point connecting Europe and Asia. Our university, which is 1 hour away from many cities such as Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa and Yalova and the centre of a population of approximately 20 million, is 15 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Our university can be easily reached by public transport from both Istanbul and Kocaeli directions.


It is much easier to reach our campus by getting off at the Marmaray "FATİH-GEBZE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY" stop within our campus.



When you enter the university through the gate welcomed by centuries-old plane trees, every step you take takes you back hundreds of years. A campus where you can experience the beauty of each season separately awaits you next to Hünkâr Çayırı, where Fatih Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror established his ottoman and breathed his last breath. Our campus is a breathing campus with its one and a half million m2 green area and faculty buildings that do not disturb the natural texture.



Gebze Technical University has become a university that is able to produce science and projects on a universal scale, despite having a history of only a quarter of a century. In this context, in the "Turkey's Best Universities" ranking, which is made by taking into account criteria such as the total number of publications, the number of publications per capita, the number of citations per capita and the number of students per faculty member, the university ranked twelfth among public universities, leaving behind Turkey's well-established universities in the evaluation made by URAP. In the "2022 Entrepreneurship Index" announced by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Gebze Technical University ranks 8th among all universities and 5th among state universities. Our university, which contributes to science in the international arena, is one of the strong partners of the Informatics Valley, which will enable our country to be among the technology-producing countries.

In our University, which continues its educational activities with 5 Faculties, 22 Departments and 9 Institutes as well as 1 Vocational School of Cyber Security, there is 1 academic staff for approximately 10 undergraduate students. More than 50% of the faculty members of our university have completed their doctorates in reputable universities abroad.

The Diploma Supplement Label, which is one of the documents that increases the quality and prestige of higher education institutions and provides international credibility to institutions, was awarded to our university by the European Commission together with 7 universities in 2009. Thus, the diplomas of our students graduating from the University have gained a universal quality."


Our university has agreements with 130 universities in Europe within the scope of the Erasmus programme, which provides student and faculty mobility. Within the scope of these agreements, 1 out of every 5 students has the opportunity to spend 1 year of their education life in reputable universities in Europe. With this ratio, our university ranks first among Turkish universities.


With approximately 300 events organised by 56 student societies throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to develop themselves in line with their interests. A full university life awaits our students with career days, Entrepreneurship Summits, Science and Technology Days, Alumni Talks, concerts and similar events. Thanks to the university administration that supports the social campus, many of our student societies, especially the Rowing Team, Dance Society, Robotics Society, IEEE, Turkish Society and Theatre Society, have made a name for themselves with the awards they have won.


Our university, which pioneers technological developments, has close relations with TÜBİTAK, BİLİŞİM VADİSİ, TSE and many other institutions located in the same region as our university, and has developed its R&D infrastructure and increased its opportunities with the protocols it has signed. In this way, with projects with large budgets such as the European Union and TÜBİTAK, it continues to work on important issues reflecting the necessity of the age such as unmanned aerial vehicles, electric cars, biological clocks, cancer research, defence technologies, nanotechnology.


Gebze Technical University is located in the heart of 5 Technoparks, 18 Organised Industrial Zones and 200 R&D and Design Centres, and offers its students the opportunity to find a job before graduation through university-industry cooperation agreements with Turkey's leading companies.

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