Metal Laboratory II

Laboratory Name  Metal Laboratory II
Laboratory Responsible Assist. Prof. Mehmet Tarakci
Assist. Prof. Yucel Gencer 
Department Material Science and Engineering
Telephone 0262 605 2663
0262 605 2664 

Gebze Institute of Technology, Material Science and
Engineering Department, ÇAYIROVA-GEBZE-KOCAELI

General Information In this laboratory low temperature elements and alloys can be melted via box furnace with a temperature range up to 1200 °C. In addition heat treatment and surface modification of steels (pack boriding & carburizing) can also be performed. 
Laboratory Staff

Res. Assist. Sezgin Cengiz
Res. Assist. Yunus Azakli
Res. Assist. Ali Emre Gülec
Res. Assist. Zafer Cagatay Oter
Res. Assist. Kerem Ozgur Gunduz


Heat Treatment
Pack Boriding
Pack Carburization

Equipment Protherm Box Furnace


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