The Faculty of Architecture was established on July 3, 1992, with the law numbered 3837. Its objective is to conduct education, teaching and research on national and international levels. Departments of Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Industrial Product Design are currently included within the Faculty of Architecture.

Education at the Faculty of Architecture has been enriched with the doctoral program and the non-thesis master’s program in Architecture that started in 2015, following the master’s programs that started at the Department of Architecture and the Department of City and Regional Planning in 1996. The Department of Industrial Design within the Faculty is planned to start education and teaching soon.

The undergraduate education at the Department of Architecture started in 2008-2009 Academic Year. With its young and dynamic teaching faculty who are experts in their fields, the Department aims to produce profession experts that are sensitive to environmental problems and that give importance to sustainable design and the risk of earthquakes in particular.

The Faculty’s vision is to sustain an education model that can compete on national and international level and that can provide rationalistic solutions by identifying environmental, social and architectural problems. In this regard, the Faculty aims to produce profession experts that protect the foundational principles of the Republic and universal ethical values, that can define their national identity on a global level with the educational formation they have got, that can question and use knowledge, that can think independently and critically, that can use modern technology, that can bring rational solutions to profession-related problems, and that have a social and environmental awareness.

Students can join exchange programs thanks to the Erasmus agreements the Faculty has with many universities in EU member countries.

The Faculty of Architecture has a computer lab, a building materials lab, a laser cutting machine, a 3D printer and a special library. The faculty building, which was designed by our teaching faculty and has been granted many awards up to now, has an architectural education oriented design and construction.

The studies conducted at the Department of Architecture include Architectural Design, the Theory of Architecture, Architectural Education, Sociology of Space, Social Gender and Space, Children and Space, Psychology and Psychometric Research in Architecture, Educational Buildings, Environmental, Cultural and Behavioral Research, Building Materials, Building Biology and Ecology, Sustainability, Waste Management in Building Production, Building Construction Technologies and Building Organization, Single Building Preservation and Site Preservation, Refunctioning, Industrial Heritage, and 19th and 20th Century Architectural History.

The fields of research of the Department of City and Regional Planning include Transportation Systems and Urban Transportation, Modeling of Urban Travel Demand, Urban Economy, Spatial Modeling, Policy Analysis, Effective Use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Technologies in Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Planning and Design, Environment-Industry Relations, Environmental Issues, Sustainability in Planning, Industrial Ecology, Globalization, Strategic Metropolitan Planning, Real Estate Development, Rent Estimate Models, Urban Functions and Urban Transformation, and Land Usage-Transportation Relations.  

Faculty students can find jobs in institutions and organizations such as ministries, municipalities, universities, institutes, banks, private companies, and private offices throughout their education and after graduation.

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