Conductıng Polymers And Lıquıd Crystals

Laboratory Name

Conductıng Polymers And Lıquıd Crystals 

Laboratory Responsible

Doç. Dr. Yusuf YERLİ




0262 605 13 16


Gebze Institute of Technology No:101 E-BLOK

General Information

Our Research group works on develope and designing original devices using polymers, liquid crsytals, etc. which can be considered as a subtitle “Soft Materials” in Solid State Physics.

Our study areas are developing OLED, OFET, OLEFET, OPV using inorganic and organic semiconducting materials and their characterizations.

Our Research Group which exist within GIT-Physics Department, developed a wide infrastructure by cooperation with diffrent departments and universities and following the plans based on developing original materials and systems.

Laboratory Staff

Melek Tanrıkut (P.H.D Student)
Dilek Taşkın Gazioğlu (P.H.D Student)
Neslihan Babayiğit ( M.S. Student)
Tuğba Büşra ÇAMİÇ
Nagihan UYANIK


Development and characterisation of light emitting organic polymers including OLED and OLEFET Devices.
Organic solar cells are growth on ITO substrate.
The I-V characterisations are measured with using the solar Simulator and Keithley 4200 sc Semiconctor Characterisation System
We Characterise Si and ITO based OFET devices. The characterisation made by using keithley sc Semiconctor Characterisation System.with this results , OFET parameters are evaluated


Keithley 4200 sc semiconductor characterization system
Keithley 6517A Elekcrometer ve Keithley 2000 multimeter
Scinco S-3100 UV-Visible spectrophotometter
MBRAUN Glowbox
Heating Plate
Temparature controlled magnetic mixer
Konika Minolta CS-100A Luminance & Color Meter
HP (HEWLETT PACKARD) E3031A computer controlled power source
Digital osiloscope ve functiyon genarators
Digital power sources (Computer controlled)
CH Instruments Electrochmecical Workstation (Cyclic voltammetry)
Thermal Evaporator
Spin Coater 


• Investigating conductive polymers with inSitu ESR Technique
• Characterizating polimeric liquid chrystals electronic and optical properties in wide temperature area.
• Sentezis and characterization of Organic-inorganic hibryth Tiofen Nanocompositlers using cubic Silseskuoksan
• Production of thin film transistor by using conductive semiconducting polymers and characterization
• My Project İstanbul Organisation Organik developing organic solar cells

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