The Faculty of Science was founded and initially named as the Faculty of Natural Sciences, being one of the 5 five faculties of Gebze Institute of Technology, which was established in 1992. In November 2014, GIT was restructured and its name changed to Gebze Technical University and our faculty was renamed as the Faculty of Science. The Faculty of Science consists of the departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 


Besides the master's and doctoral programs offered at the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Faculty of Science since the dates listed in the table below, undergraduate education was started in the departments of Physics and Mathematics in 2001 and in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2010. 






1994 Fall

1995 Fall


Molecular Biology and Genetics

1994 Fall

2004 Fall

2010 Fall


1995 Spring

1997 Spring

2001 Fall


1998 Fall

2001 Fall

2001 Fall


The Faculty of Science provides education and training at the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Molecular Biology and Genetics, raises scientists, and conducts fundamental and applied research in these fields.


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