Directorate of Revolving Funds





          Directorate of Revolving Funds

          The Directorate of Revolving Funds at Gebze Technical University was established in 1994 in accordance with the article 58 of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey dated 5 July 1983 and numbered 18098. The Directorate’s main function is to engage in income-generating production and services as a result of the research and application activities conducted by the departments within the university.

            Duties and Responsibilities

        - provide scientific opinion, research, consulting and similar services requested by higher education institutions and external organizations as well as real and legal persons

          - conduct activities related to services such as analysis, measurement, experiment, examination, technical and quality control; examination and measurement for compliance with standards; information technology, consulting, training and so on

        - perform the administrative, financial and technical affairs of the directorate in line with the applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, directives, work schedules, and budget and business principles


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