Physics Laboratory I

Laboratory Name

 Physics Laboratory I 

Laboratory Responsible

Prof.Dr. Bekir AKTAŞ 


Physics Department, Mathematics Department, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Material Science and Engineering 


 +90 (262) 605 13 01


Physics Department E Blok No:128

General Information

Experimental applications of the topics that are covered in introduction to Phyics

Laboratory Staff

R.A. Duygu Önal Tayyar
R.A. Ali Zerentürk
R.A. Doğan Erbahar
R.A. Dr. Necmettin Kılınç
R.A. Yasin Şahin
R.A. Songül Taş Üstündağ
R.A. Emin Yakar
R.A. Dr. Nurcan Doğan
R.A. Mustafa Öztürk
R.A. Ramazan Topkaya
R.A. Salih Akbulut
R.A. Mahmut Sami Kavrık
R.A. Arif Kösemen
R.A. Perihan Aksu


Measurement and Error Calculations
Newton Laws
2-D Elastic Collision
Moment of Inertia and Angular Acceleration
Young Modulus
Simple Pendulum
Hooke Laws
Heat Capacity of Metals 


Measurement and Error Calculations Experimental etup
Newton Laws Experimental Setup
2-D Elastic Collision Experimental Setup
Moment of inertial and Angular AccelerationE xperimental Setup
Young Modulus Experimental Setup
Simple Pendulum Experimental Setup
Hooke Laws Experimental Setup
Heat Capacity of Metals Experimental Setup


brief explanations about completed and ongoing projects

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