Rector’s Message

Dear GTU Family,

As of June 13, 2018, I have been officially appointed as the Rector of Gebze Technical University for 2018-2022 period, thanks to the courtesy of Our Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. On this wise, I thank all our former rectors and their administrations for their contributions to our university so far. 

Founded in 2014, Gebze Technical University is one of the most important research universities of Turkey with its infrastructure, capacity, and faculty. The greatest wealth of Gebze Technical University is its students. Located at the heart of Turkish industry, we proceed on our way with an awareness of the responsibilities to which our very special location introduces us. In this regard, our university, which has close ties with the industrial organizations in its region, continues to enrich its education with the undergraduate and graduate programs it offers in line with both regional and national needs within the scope of university-industry collaboration and to produce qualified graduates that can compete on international level.

Universities must constantly update themselves according not only to today's conditions, but also to future conditions to have a say in the international arena. The concept of university has been changing, and now, effective use of knowledge and creation of resources are expected of universities in addition to the production of knowledge. Particularly the knowledge produced at technical universities loses its value unless it is turned into technological products.

Closely following the technological transformation and recent developments in the world, our university with over 8,000 students and about 800 academic members keeps working towards the goal of leaving its mark in the international arena  with such a commitment stronger than ever. 

And my goal as the Rector is to ensure that Gebze Technical University becomes a complete research university that provides world-class education in touch with real life and is empowered by entrepreneurship under the scope of the regional development-focused mission differentiation and specialization project, as long as I am on duty. All we ask of you, the dear members of our family, is to continue your valuable activities and your support for us.

With the wish to carry on our path in light of our goals as part of a big family, I hope the 2018-2022 period brings luck for our university and I cordially present my thanks and respect for the whole GTU family.

Prof. Muhammed Hasan ASLAN (PhD), Rector

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