a) To prepare and develop internal audit plan and programs based on risk analysis and to present it to the senior management's confirmation,

b) To assure the application of the confirmed control plan and programs, to operate the audit and consultancy services, to realise the duties out of program in assigned position claimed by the senior management,

c) To assess the effectiveness and competency of the university's risk management, internal control and governance processes,

ç) To present the existing -needing investigaton- determined during the internal audit activities to the senior management,

d) To monitor the results of internal audit activities,

e) To form, apply and develop quality assurance and improvement program with the aim of assessing internal control activities, operating in accordance with public internal audit standards and business ethic principles and improving internal control activities.

f) To present the assessment results reached in the framework of quality assurance and development program to the senior management,

g) To prepare annual internal audit activity report and present to the senior management,

ğ) To form the team of internal auditors who can perforn their duty with knowledge, skills, experience and professional competency in accordance with the University's human resources policies and to provide requires procedures for this,

h) To prepare and improve the internal audit unit directive and procedures in accordance with the The Internal Audit Coordination Board's regulations,

 ı) To present information about the results of internal audit activities to the senior management with regular intervals and to inform the senior management about the developments in the fields of internal audit and the best international applications.

i) To check the suitablity of the control reports with the determined procedures and principles and to keep one copy in the internal audit unit.

j) To perform other works about internal audit activities, 

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