Consulting Services At G.T.U.

Computer Engineering:

Computer Vision applications, problem analysis Computer Vision applications,

Software solutions evaluation of user interfaces and graphical user interface

High degree of communication methods for patients with disabilities

Personal Digital Assitant and your user interface design on mobile devices

Electronic Commerce Applications

Virtual Reality Systems

Interaction and input devices

For applications requiring high performance, problem analysis, software and hardware solutions

For projects related to industrial control problem analysis, software and hardware solutions.

Problem analysis for projects related to information and communication networks, software and hardware solutions


Molecular Genetics of the enzyme, especially the recombinant enzyme producing / consulting to industrial organizations that use Microbiology, microorganisms identification, control and development. Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Cytogenetic, Agriculture, Genotoxicity.Molecular Cell Biology, Cancer, Cell signal transduction, apoptosis, protein-protein interactions.

Food EngineeringTechnologies

in food packaging, food preservation methods



Pure chemical structures of organic and inorganic substances.

Determination of whether or not pure substances, properties of Substances found in an industrial product (qualitative analysis) and amounts (quantitative analysis), determination.

Separation and purification procedures in a mixture of substances

Chemical reactions and kinetic investigations of the march

Qualitative and quantitative determination of carbohydrates


The synthesis of new chemical substances require advanced technology dyduğu

Mechanical Engineering and Tribology

Turbo sealing machines

Natural Gas Conversion Plants maintenance and repair counselling

Wear problems of Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic

Statistical experimental design

Optimization of industrial processes with Taguchi Techniques

Engineering Design and Manufacturing (CAD / CAM)

Mechanical Design and ManufacturingMoldmaking

The system (static, dynamic) Analysis

 Finite Element Analysis

Environmental Engineering

Environmental management systems, environmental legislation, development of environmental consciousness. The wastewater treatment plant operation, Treatability. Waste minimization, biological and physicochemical wastewater treatment. Waste reduction, waste reduction, waste recycling, waste elimination of chemical processes, Industrial wastewater treatment, chemical processes, remediation, treatment Electrochemical Heavy metal analysis, sample preparation for AAS, various analysis techniques and interpretation of results. Mining and quarrying sector GC-MS, AOX, TOC, UV-Visible devices, methods of analysis Organic chemical-based industrial waste removal. Advanced oxidation methods. Hazardous Waste Management Adsorption, ion exchange, membrane systems, Environmental impact assessment, ISO 14001, ISO 14001 environmental management systems AAS, TOC, GC-MS methods of analysis devices. Geographic information systems (GIS)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Antenna design

Electromagnetic radiation

Radar systems (and simulations)

RCS analysis (numerical and experimental)

Electrical installations

EMC, CE, including to the European norms and standards based (delivered on corruption)

Power quality, harmonics power measurement, analysis of transient Power system relay, Protection

Electrical transport systems

Material Sciences

Thin and Thick Film Coatings

 Surface Modification

Ceramic Production Processes

Microstructural Characterization of Materials

Mechanical Properties of Materials

Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

City and Regional Planning

Demographic, economic, social, environmental and research done on similar topics and the preparation of reports. Urban planning, urban design and landscape projects. Land use, environmental protection, housing, legal, transportation, planning applications. Real estate investment and consulting and project done on similar topics. The city with the help of Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing methods, the creation of information systems. Planning of industrial zones, advanced technology development centers, technological parks, projects and consultancy on Technopoles. Traffic accident analysis, road and intersection design, urban planning and GIS-based urban transport. Local government administrators of the seminar program for the solution of urban planning and urban problems.

Architecture and Building

Science Environmental Assessment Reports on issues relating to architecture to provide the necessary assistance and information. Industrial buildings and other structures related to these projects if we receive proposals on issues such as architectural designs to provide support, consulting services, as well as project design related to the old industrial buildings of historical and cultural value, restoration, overhaul and re-projects on functioning. The building material production, industry, architecture and related issues such as design of industrial buildings. When necessary, expert witness services

Physics - Electron Spin Resonance




Faculty of Management - Psycho Laboratory

Personnel Selection

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