GTU Laboratories

GTU laboratories, 21 graduate students on the one hand provide the best conditions to develop to serve the century, on the other hand , it is a base to do the research faculty at the international level is acceptable.GTU, laboratories, as well as the objectives, in order to contribute to regional and national technology labs directly and indirectly led to the industry. Industry organizations, such as carry out R & D projects jointly with GTU, GTU laboratories can benefit directly or may request a specific analysis and measurement services. GTU staff worldwide who have participated in these studies, by studies carried out in cooperation with industry associations.GTU for research work in laboratories, industrial organizations are still encouraged to take training of staff and a final master's theses or doctoral earnings applicable to companies, to provide the knowledge is being targeted. Studies carried out in accordance with confidentiality agreement prompted a hundred percent. Laboratories and industry, with brief descriptions given below link GTU information which might be located in areas of interest. In order to obtain more detailed information about the laboratories, it is possible resort to every laboratory manager. 

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