Services Offered To Industry

GTU provides laboratory and measurement services to regional and national economy. There are some services below. For more detailed information, please connect with the relevant contact person or fill in the application form in the website.

Computer Engineering               

The use of parallel computer system in the institute for industrial applications and proving the software needed for these kids of applications.

System analysis and projection

User interfaces and graphic user interface evaluation

Specialist service


Microbiologic food analysis, specifying micro toxins in animal food and nutrients.

Defining a micro organism in a short time with BBL Crystal system.

Microbiologic Water Analysis


Infrared spektrofotometre 

Spectrum examination and evaluation

Ultraviolet spectrophotometer scanning and spectrum

Ultraviolet spectrophotometer reading

HPLC analysis

TGA (price is determined according to different heating speeds)


Carbonhydrate analysis

Machine Engineering and Tribology

Corrosion experiments

Measuring corrosion and friction parameter (room temperature)

Measuring corrosion and friction parameter(high temperatures)

Leakage test on high speeds

Design and Production Engineering( CAM/ CAM)


Services will be evaluated on work basis


Environmental Engineering

In environmental engineering labs serviced needed by industry are given professionally. Please click for the detailed list of services given.

Electric Electronic Engineering

Measuring electromagnetic area power analysis for the security license of stable telecommunication devices which work between 10 kHz- 60 kHz

Electro magnetic correspondence and interaction (EMC/ EMI) test services

Measuring RKA on scaled models (RKA measurement is priced according to its nature since it is a military process requiring 1. Degree secrecy)

Grounding measuring

Harmonic analysis in industrial plants

Deformation tests of the conducted up to 6 A

Tests of resistance of the conducted to deformation up to 16 A

Security analysis of electricity plants

Material Sciences 

2011 test and analysis services:

X-RD Kirinim Analysis

120 TL

AFM Analysis

150 TL

SEM Analysis

150 TL

SEM EDX Analysis

100 TL

TEM Analysis

200 TL

Spectrometer Analysis

150 TL

Dilatometer Analysis

120 TL

DTA Analysis

130 TL

DSC Analysis

120 TL

Malvern Particle Dimension Analysis(Micron)

120 TL

Malvern Particle Dimension Analysis(Nanosize)

140 TL

Profilometer Analysis

200 TL

RF-GDOES Analysis

Depends on conditions

Asindirma Analysis

200 TL

Corrosion Test

150 TL

Shrinking Test(INSTRON)

90 TL

Press Test(INSTRON)

90 TL

Bending Test(INSTRON)

90 TL


75 TL

Optic Microscope

20 TL

Mikostructural examination 

250 TL

Density- Picnometer Test

90 TL

Viscosity Test(Brookfield DV-II)

80 TL

PH Test

20 TL

Water Absorbing Test

60 TL

Dry Sieve Analysis

60 TL

Drying Oven Usage

80 TL

Grinding in a Mill with Balls

100 TL/day

Hydrolic Press Usage

50 TL/day

Delicate Cutter Usage

30 TL

Basic Cutter Usage

15 TL

Getting Bakalit

20 TL

Getting Cold Calibre with Epofix

30 TL

Oven Usage Price List:


Up to 1200 C

150 TL/day

Up to 1400 C

180 TL/day

Up to 1600 C

200 TL/day


Note: preparing a prototype is priced exclusively

Urban and Regional Planning

Land usage analysis

 Infrastructure analysis (transportation- communication- water- canalization- sublimation)

Economic Infrastructure analysis

Political Infrastructure analysis

Physical Infrastructure analysis

Social Infrastructure analysis

Architecture and Construction Knowledge

Services based on project and expertise services

Services and expert witness services on a project basis Faculty of Management - Psycho Laboratory Psycho-paper and pencil tests Psycho-testing devices.


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