R & D Activities

Research and development activities are producing a new product, increasing the quality  and Standard of the product, applyig new techniques which lower the cost and increase the standard, developing new  production technology,  the studies aiming to adjust the new technology to the cauntry’s conditions and transforming the results of the studies into useful equipment,  material, product, method, system,  production techniques, studies whose every step is arrnged to improve the ones that already exist in terms of technoloy and applying the technology. GTU gives importance to R & D studies which are the dinamo of technology and development .

The topics related to R&D projects based on collaboration with industry are summarized in the context of the related laboratory

Antenna and microwave Laboratory

Radar cross section area (RKA) measurement and estimation
Antenna measurement and calibration
S-parameter measurements in the range of 1-18GHz microwave elements
Electromagnetic compatibility and interaction (EMC/EMI) issues, testing services
Measurement and analysis of antenna on scaled models.

Computer networks and information security Laboratory

Information communication networks research Setup and analysis
Design of general purpose systems for these types of applications
Information security solutions

Computer vision, graphics and HCI (human computer interaction) Laboratory

Tailored application development for computer Vision aided industrial application 
Desigining general purpose systems for computer vision applications.

Event analysis on advertorials and web pages with eye movements. 
Tracking with eye movements and software control and criminal review of defendants

Computer use for people with disabilities with tracking eye movements and communication with totally paralyzed people (including speaking) 
Industrial automation and quality control software development
The creation of new applications in safety  sector using human computre interaction.

Software interface design
Interface event analysis and user experiments
Development of Virtual reality applications
PDA application development
Mobile interface design
Medical and physiological investigations
Systems for people with disabilities

Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Lab

Mold design
Structured System Analysis
A wide range of tooling and production
Dynamic System Analysis

Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory

Agricultural Department of molecular biology and biotechnology Projects
Chromosomal analysis
TEM-Sc spreading analizleri 
RAPD analysis
RFLP analyses
Mutajenite tests

Plant Tissue Laboratory

To provide micro propagation in aseptic conditions and in a short time by using plant tissues of different kinds of plants. To determine the somatic variations in acquired plant clones with genetic reagents. To obtain transgenic plants by means of gen transmissions to plants. 

 Environmental Engineering Research and Analysis Laboratory

Click to learn detailed information about Environmental Engineering Research and Development.

EE Power System Laboratory

Web based visual simulator for power systems

The risk analysis of electric shocks in power plants.

The measuring system of soil impedance

Microprocessor based analyzer

Observation of the change of soil impedance

Incident classification and establishment in power systems

Smart uninterrupted power supply

Electron Spin Resonance Laboratory (ELS)

Magnetic Record Technology

Polymers, Superconductors 

Material defect

Research of chemical materials (drug) with ELS

Enzyme Molecular Genetics Laboratory

The production of industrial enzyme

The selection of bacterial issue which produces enzymes that can function in extreme conditions in order to use in industries like detergent, fabric, leather, paper, pharmaceutical industries .

Recombinant enzyme production

To provide enzyme stability increment by means of directed mutagenesis and development of more productive issues.

Foodstuff Laboratory

Identification of ozanization conditions for Turkish exported goods and reduction of microbial burden.

Geodesy and Photogrammetry Laboratory

Map production with photogrammetric method

Industrial photogrammetric measurements

Photogrammetric Architectural Relievo  Intake

Reconstruction applications/ urban area design

Public measurements, deformation measurements, designing of numerical terrain models

Preparation of data for geographical information systems

Map production, land planning, the observation of environment pollution and natural events with the help of satellite images

Geolocation techniques, measurement and analysis of deformation

Applications of geodesic measurement and evaluation especially GPS

Detection of earth movements

Vehicle tracking systems

Planning, designing, setting and education of geographic and city information system based on graphical and verbal information for public institute, local administrations, natural people and legal identities.

The examination of technical and juridical aspects of engineering and plan/project applications

The examination of measurement techniques

Research and application works about computer-aided map production in CAD

Infrastructure planning and applications

Expert and property and land counseling services

Chemistry Laboratory

 The synthesis of organic and inorganic substances needed in industrial applications, research for the understanding their structures and defining their working areas.

The production of sugar which does not cause tooth decay

Prebiodic production

The immobilization of industrial enzymes

The production of olive oil without free fatty acid

The production of energy drink

The synthesis of chemical catalyzator, environmentally friendly production (Green Chem.), nanoproducts, gas sensors, drug and impurity

Inorganic polymer synthesis

The production of industrial enzyme

The production of vulnerary

The production of biodiesel

Material Science Laboratory

The paving of metallic surfaces with corrosion-proof materials

The development of new white ceramic materials (Chinese porcelain)

The development of biocompatible ceramic materials

Designing, production and characterization of piezoelectric based ceramic materials for underwater sonar, biomedical and nondestructive examination applications

The development, production and characterization of ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic composite materials for high temperature and high performance applications

The production of semiconductor and ferroelectric thin film for electronic and optoelectronic applications and their micro structural, electrical and optical characterization

The examination and solution of laceration problems encountered in aluminum extrusion

The production and characterization of magnetic thin films for information storage

The examination of characteristics of fatigue and creep property of metals and composite materials

The synthesis and characterization of nano-dimensional powder

Microbiology Laboratory

The studies for the development of bacteriogenetic toxins which are used for a biological protection against insects

The identification of an unknown microorganism with the help of BBL Crystal system quickly

The studies for the application of HACCP system

Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory

The vitro analysis of medical and pharmacological drugs

The analysis and trial of medical diagnosis kits

The vitro examination of potential carcinogen effects

Robotic and Control Laboratory   

Industrial control

Robot control

The design of smart systems

Defense Technologies and Simulation Laboratory

Distributed defense systems

HLA applications

Software development

Software and research projects depending on offer

Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory 

Demographic, economic and social environmental planning

Housing zone planning

Industrial zone planning. For example, the detection of structural analysis and specializations of industries, planning of new industry and employment areas, planning of finding suitable places industrial facilities which are delicate issues for living space and environment.

The planning of tourism areas

The planning of coastal zones

The planning of water basin areas such as Ömerli Dam water basin

The planning of infrastructure and transportation. For example, the studies for the improvements of current infrastructures (transportation, water, sanitary sewerage, clarification etc.). The analysis of the relations between cities and environment (transportation, communication etc.)

Carrying out planning procedure with the help of geographical information systems and remote sensing methods. For example, creating an information system for planning of industrial zones

The planning of environment and landscape like protection plans for industrial landscape

The standardization of land use and preparing a booklet for this work

The modeling of the demand of transportation in transportation planning

The traffic safety and the analysis of aggressive drivers

Tribology Laboratory

The characterization of friction and wear in different working conditions

The parameter measurements of friction and wear

The experiments of stretch and fracture

The examination of lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings

The characterization of lubrication

The design and characterization of sealing systems in turbo machines

High Performance Calculation Laboratory

Developing specially needed software and hardware for industrial applications necessitating high performances

The design and production of general purpose systems for these kinds of applications

Pave the way of high performance applications by using personal computers

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