Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory

Laboratory Name:

Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory

Laboratory Responsible:

Prof.Dr. Taşkın KAVZOĞLU
Res.Asst. İsmail ÇÖLKESEN


Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering




Gebze Institute of Technology , Department of Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering, Çayırova Campus, F-Blok ,Room No : 108, Gebze – KOCAELI.

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General Information:

The Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory provides an opportunities for researchers and students work together to advance knowledge in the application of geospatial technologies. Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping and analysis of geographic data. Whereas remote sensing is the science of obtaining information about the Earth’s surface from a remote platform. In many studies it is required to integrate remote sensing and GIS technologies. They are widely recognized as supporting tools for the planning, monitoring and management of the appropriate utilization of resources at the country, regional and global levels. 

Laboratory Staff:

Res.Asst. İsmail ÇÖLKESEN
Res.Asst. Emrehan Kutluğ ŞAHİN
Res.Asst. Merve YILDIZ

Photograph of the Laboratory:



In this laboratory research studies in the field of remote sensing and geographical information systems;
• Classification of remotely sensed images
• Production of land use/land cover maps
• Change detection
• Digital image processing
• Crop monitoring and yield estimation
• Pixel and object based image classification
• Application of advanced data mining for image processing
• Natural hazard management and risk analysis (e.g. landslide, flood and fire risk assessment)
• Establishing variety of information systems (e.g. environmental information system, tourist information system, urban information system and campus information system)


 Instrumentation and software packages exist in this laboratory are as follows:
• ASD Spectroradiometer (FieldSpec-3)
• Topcon FC-236 Handheld GPS
• Erdas (v. 9.3)
• IDRISI Taiga
• ArcGIS (v. 10)
• Ecognition (v. 8)


• Development of spectral library for different vegetation types and associating them with the high-resolution multispectral satellite images, GIT Scientific Research Project.
• Analysis of Temporal Changes and Environmental Effects of Urbanization in Gebze Using Satellite Images, GIT Scientific Research Project.
• The Design of Gebze Institute of Technology Campus Information System, GIT Scientific Research Project.

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