Molecular Genetics

Laboratory Name Molecular Genetics
Laboratory Responsible Assist. Prof. F. İnci Özdemir
Department Molecular Biology and Genetics 
Telephone +90 (262) 605 2535
Address Gebze Institute of Technology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics C-2/118
41400 Cayirova, Kocaeli, TURKEY
General Information ATP-dependent proteases belong to "AAA + Protein Family" (ATPases Associated with Diverse Cellular Activities) that is associated with many different activities in the cell.  These proteases (26S proteozom, Lon, HslVU (ClpYQ), FtsH, ClpAP/ClpXP ) are found both in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. ATP-dependent proteases degrade abnormal and short-lived regulatory proteins and thereby control cellular processes such as signal transduction, cell cycle, and gene transcription. Even though ATP-dependent proteases are structurally and functionally conserved, their biological roles vary substantially among bacteria. As ATP-dependent proteases, especially those produced by thermophilic microorganisms are stable and active at elevated temperatures, they are challenging. Therefore, cloning, purification, biochemical characterization and mutational studies of ATP-dependent proteases from thermophilic bacteria are conducted in our laboratory. 
Laboratory Staff Zişan Asal (PhD student )
Tuba Korkmaz (MSc. student)
Ahmet Tülek (MSc. student)
Bahadır Aydın (MSc. student)
Enis Güney (MSc. student)
Oğuzhan Kavrık (MSc. student)
Applications 1. Cloning of Geobacillus kaustophilus ATP-dependent proteases such as Lon, HslVU, Ftsh in E. coli,
2. Purification of recombinant proteases from E. coli,
3. Determination of proteolytic and ATPase activities of purified proteases and biochemical chacterization,
4. In vivo gene deletion studies to investigate the effect of Lon and FtsH proteases in biofilm production and the other effects in the cell.
Equipment 1. Incubator
2. Centrifuge
3. Sterile cabinet
4. PCR
5. Electrophoresis system
6. Vortex
7. Magnetic stirrer
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