Microbial Biotechnology

Laboratory Name

 Microbial Biotechnology

Laboratory Responsible

Assoc. Prof. Meltem Yeşilçimen Akbaş


Molecular Biology and Genetics


+90 (262) 605 2536-37


Gebze Institute of Technology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics C-2/121
41400 Cayirova, Kocaeli, TURKEY

General Information In this laboratory, main reseach interests are investigation of functions of bacterial hemoglobin in genetically engineered bacteria, engineering of useful bacteria using bacterial hemoglobin to improve growth and productivity, potential use of bacterial hemoglobin in bioremediation, enhancement of bioethanol production and applications of aspects of food microbiology and biotechnology. 
Laboratory Staff

Kübra Abanoz (Ph.D.)
Taner Şar (Master)
Tuğba Erden (Master)
Büşra Özçelik (Master)
Fatma Sümer (Master)


1. Biofilm formation, identification and prevention in food industry
2. Disinfection of food by natural antimicrobials
3. Molecular biology and biochemistry of bacterial hemoglobin
4. Biotechnological applications of bacterial hemoglobin
-Bioethanol production


1. Laminair Flow
2. Shaker Incubator
3. Incubator
4. Magnetic stirrer
5. Vortex


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