Laboratory of Small Hydro

Laboratory Name

 Laboratory of Small Hydro

Laboratory Responsible

Assist. Prof. Dr. İlyas Kandemir


Division of Energy Systems


+90 262 605 27 85


GYTE Çayırova Campus

General Information

It is a laboratory in which small and micro scale turbine experiments and tests which are important to evaluate country’s hydroelectric potential. Turbines capable to work with heights of 1-15 meters and flowrates of 1-900 lt/sec can be tested in this laboratory. Laboratory offers to test turbines in natural conditions. Desired flowrates can be obtained by 5 centrifuge pumps, laboratory set can be altered according to testing turbine. Overall system can be controlled from the control room with the assistance of control system. Laboratory is set with the help of DPT (state planning organization).

Laboratory Staff

Research Assistant Volkan R. Akkaya
Project Student Duygu Yalçın


• Test of turbines capable to work with heights of 1-15 m and flowrates 1-900 lts.
• Water level control via pump group
• Fixed and variable height/flowrate flows


• Pumps
• Turbines
• Generator
• Valve control units
• Level, flowrate, voltage, current, frequency etc. meters.


Development of cross flow turbine is carried out. In the laboratory “On-site” tests can be carried out in given height/flow rate interval independent from turbine type.

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