Laboratory of Chemical Technologies I-II

Laboratory Name  Laboratory of Chemical Technologies I-II
Laboratory Responsible

Prof. Dr. H. Yıldırım ERBİL


Department of Chemical Engineering - Chemical Technologies


 +90 (262) 605 21 14

Address Gebze Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering, 41400, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey.
General Information Polymer synthesis and modification of commercial polymers for special applications are performed. Researches conducted focus on thin film coatings and characterization of surfaces. Nanocomposites that is to be used in cutting-edge technology are developed and optimum experimental conditions and methods for production are also investigated. 
Laboratory Staff

Res. Asst. Melik ÖKSÜZ

Res. Asst. Tuğba ÖZTÜRK

Res. Asst. Eda Hazal BARAN

Project Asst. Burcu ÜNAL

Project Asst. Yasemin CANPOLAT

  • Polymer Synthesis in Solution and Emulsion Polymerization Systems
  • Thin Film Coating by Using Dip Coating Device.
  • Polymerization and Thin Film Coating in Super Critical CO2 System
  • Mono & Multi Layer Film Coating by Using Langmuir Blodgett Device
  • Determination of Static-Advancing-Receding Contact Angle and Surface Free Energy (KSV-CAM 200 Contact Angle Meter)
  • Determination of Surface Free Energy of Liquids (KSV-CAM 200 Contact Angle Meter and KSV SIGMA 700 Tensiometer)
  • Measurement of Contact Angle and Wettability Analysis of Powders (KSV SIGMA 700 Tensiometer)
  • Imaging of 2D surface topography and analysis: 50-1000x  Magnification with Optical Microscopy, 7,5-110x Magnification with Stereo microscopy. 3D imaging by using profilometry: 50-1000x magnification.
  • Tensile Test (Measurement of the tensile strength& elongation break of materials )
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle for De-Icing, Anti-Icing Applications
  • Measurement of the Electrical Resistance (2Wire-4Wire).
  • Solution and Emulsion Polymerization Systems.
  • Supercritical CO2 System (Thar Reactor)
  • Dipper (Mechanical Dip Coater-Handmade)
  • Langmuir Blodgett Monolayer Coater (NIMA)
  • Viscosimeter (Brookfield)
  • Membrane Osmometer (Gonotec/Osmamat 090)
  • Centrifuge (Hereaus CL)
  • Ultrasonic bath (Elmasonic E 30 H)
  • Contact Angle Meter (KSV CAM 200 Contact Angle Meter)
  • Contact Angle Meter (Attension Theta Contact Angle Meter)
  • Dynamic Tensiometer (KSV Sigma 700 Tensiometer)
  • Optical Microscope (Nikon Eclipse LV 150L)
  • Stereo Microscope (Nikon SMZ 1500)
  • Optical Microscope and 3D Profilometer (Nikon Eclipse LV 100D/ Symantec 3D)
  • Universal Tensile Tester ( Devotrans BP D NN)
  • Climatic Chamber (Memert)
  • Sourcemeter (Keithley 2400)
  • pH meter (Mettler Toledo S210-U)
  • Refractometer (GreiNorm)
  • Tübitak 115M596, (2014-in progress) Graphene Yarn Production via Graphene Oxide Synthesized from Graphite by Oxidation, 313.236 TL.
  • Tübitak 112T813, (2013-2015), Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-Icing Coatings Made of Porous Polymer/Impregnated Liquid Pair, 266.360 TL.
  • Tübitak 111M458, (2011-2012), Synthesis of A Superolephobic Surface Using Fluoro(Meth) -Acrylate Polymers in Liquid-CO2 Medium (Solvent-Free Process), 24.330 TL.
  • Tübitak 110M181, (2010-2012), Synthesis and Use of Micro/Nano Patterned Chemically Heterogeneous Surfaces for The Selective Adsorption of L1210 Leukemia Cells, 238.880 TL.
  • European Comission (EC)-AMBIO-NMP4-CT-2005-011827 (2005-2010), Advanced Nanostructured Surfaces for The Control of Biofouling, 276.000 EUR.
  • Tübitak-104M360, (2005-2008), The Synthesis of Self-Cleaning and Self-Healing Surfaces Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, 149.940 TL.
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