Cancer Signal Transduction and Apoptosis Lab (CASTAL)

Laboratory Name

 Cancer Signal Transduction and Apoptosis Lab (CASTAL)

Laboratory Responsible

Assist. Prof. Asuman D. Zergeroğlu


Molecular Biology and Genetics


+90 262 605 2513
Lab: +90 262 605 2550


Gebze Institute of Technology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics C-2/223
41400 Cayirova, Kocaeli, TURKEY

General Information

Signalling mechanisms are central to the normal growth and development of all cells. Cells have to continuously respond to extracellular signals that prompt specific cellular responses inducing cell proliferation, inhibiting cell growth and triggering programmed cell death. Dysregulation of these systems leads to a variety of human diseases, including cancer.  A major interest of our laboratory is studying cancer-related signal transduction and its effects on cellular growth, survival and apoptosis. In this sense, our aim is to identify molecularly targeted therapeutic approaches to modulate cancer cell growth, survival and apoptosis. In our lab effects of some natural products (e.g.: polyphenols), tyrosine kinase inhibitors, and design potent and selective drug candidates have been investigated in normal and cancer cells. 

Laboratory Staff

PhD Students
• Seda Yılmaz 
MSc Students
• Gülşife Candemir
• Fatma Sağır
• Ebru Turhanlar
• Hüseyin Gül
• Nurettin Ayvalı


1. Determine the dose and time dependent effect of anti-carcinogenic agents on cell proliferation by using colorimetric, fluorometric and luminometric measurements.
2. Establish the cytotoxic dose of anti-carcinogenic agents used alone and in combination in cell lines.
3. Basic characterisation of novel apoptosis inducing agents using apoptotic assays.
4. Detection of proteomic changes following drug treatments in cells applying SDS PAGE, Western Blot and immunodetection.
5. Identify the alteration of gene expressions after drug treatments in quantitative and qualitative levels utilizing genomics based screens.


1. Laminair flow
2. Incubator with carbondioxide
3. Centrifuge
4. Vortex
5. Magnetic stirrer
6. Heating block
7. Water bath
8. Shaker
9. PCR cabinet
10. Mini centrifuge
11. Vertical gel electrophoresis
12. Horizantal gel electrophoresis
13. Power supply
14. Gel documentation system
15. Light Cycler 480
16. Varioskan Falsh
17. Refrigirator
18. -20 Freezer
19. -80 Freezer

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