Geodetic Research Laboratory

Laboratory Name  Geodetic Research Laboratory
Laboratory Responsible Assoc.Prof.Dr. M. Halis SAKA
Res.Asst.Dr. Hüseyin PEHLİVAN
Department Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering
Telephone 0.262.6051807
Address Gebze Institute of Technology , Department of Geodetic and Photogrammetric Engineering, Çayırova Campus, , F-Blok, Room No : 113, Gebze – KOCAELI.
General Information Geodetic Research Laboratory uses microwave-based geodetic systems (GPS, satellite InSAR, and ground-based radar) and electronic/optical instrument (total station, nivo) to investigate changes in the Earth's land and water surfaces. The geodetic data allow study of a variety of natural and artificial processes including plate motion, monitoring of the earthquake faults, building movements, dam deformation and hydrological survey. Furthermore, topographic maps at various scales for many land related studies including cadastral surveying, land use planning and construction projects can be produced. The main focus of the laboratory is excellence in education and research in the domain of Geodesy and of its applications in Civil Engineering. The Laboratory has contributed so far in the theoretical and practical education of post-graduate students. 
Laboratory Staff Res.Asst.Dr. Hüseyin PEHLİVAN
Res.Asst. Yosun Özlem YAPAR
Res.Asst. Süreyya Özgür UYGUR
Applications In this laboratory; research studies in the field of positioning techniques,
• Controlling the safety of man-made structures (such as bridges, dams and large buildings) by monitoring their deformations
• Geodetic surveying
• Crustal movements
• Vehicle tracking system
• Production of topographic map
• Production of digital elevation models
• Establishing triangulation network

Instrumentation and software that exist in the lab are as follows:
• Fundamental software packages (Netcad and MicroStation, TopSurv8)
• Total Stations (Topcon GTS6, Focus 5)
• Electronic Tachometers (Topcon GTS 2, Topcon GTS 2B)
• Levels (Topcon AT-G2)
• RTK set compatible with CORS-TR (Topcon Hyperpro DGPS)
• Topcon FC-236 Handheld GPS
• GPS Receivers FlexPak (OEM4-G2L) and Antenna (3 pieces)
• Satelline-3AS Radio Modem (3 pieces)
Two of these antennas are mounted on the roof of building and connected to GPS receivers in Lab via cables. It is accessible to GPS data 24 hours of day and also with radio-modems; one can also use third GPS set as differential GPS. 

• The use of GPS in Low-Dynamic Systems: Phase and Code Observation Based Software Development, (Project Granted by Gebze Institute of Technology)
• Developing a Software Package for Densification of GPS Networks, (Project Granted by Gebze Institute of Technology)
• Dynamic Monitoring of Long-period Structures Using Real-time Kinematic DGPS, (Project Granted by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

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