Drinking Water Laboratory

Laboratory Name

 Drinking Water Laboratory

Laboratory Responsible

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebubekir YÜKSEL


Environmental Engineering Department


+90 0262 6053213-34


Gebze Institute of Technology Muallimköy Campus
Environmental Engineering Department 41400 Gebze/KOCAELİ

General Information

In this laboratory, research and development activities are performed on drinking water treatment Technologies. 

Laboratory Staff

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ebubekir YÜKSEL (Project Leader)
Res. Asst. Murat EYVAZ (Scholar)
Res. Asst. Ercan GÜRBULAK (Scholar)


Conventional filtration, direkt filtration and declining rate filtration
Spektrophotometric analysis
Automatical jar test
Karl-fischer applications
Lab. scaled electrochemical processes
Ultrasound applications


Centrifuge (Xiang Yi L420)
Sahkerı ( GFL 3017)
Drying Oven(Termal)
Water Bath (GFL)
Coagulant Charge Analyzer ( Chemtrac)
Termoreactor (12 pcs, WTW CR2200)
DC power supply (Maksimel)
Analytical Balance (Precisa)
Zeta meter
Particle Counter (Hach Lange 2 pcs.)
Universal Controller (Hach Lange SC 1000)
Ozone generator (Wedeco)
Titration Manager (Tim 980)
Sieve Analysis (Restch)
Distilled Water Equipment (Human Power)
Magnetic Stirer (2 pcs.)
UV-VIS spektrofotometer ( Hach Lange DR5000)
Turbidimeter (Hach Lange 2 pcs.)
Ultrasound generator and probe


2005-2008, Investigation of ozonation-coagulation interactions effects on water quality in direct filtration (TUBITAK CAYDAG-104I135) 
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