Physical Chemistry Research Laboratory

Laboratory Name Physical Chemistry Research Laboratory 
Laboratory Responsible Prof.Dr.Erhan DEMİRBAŞ
Department Chemistry
Telephone +90 (262) 6053083
Address Gebze Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department, Muallimköy Campus, P.O.Box 141 Gebze-Kocaeli, 41400, TURKEY
General Information Physical chemistry is the study to investigate the properties and behaviors of chemical systems and applies the principles for these behaviors. It designs and develops experimental methods to describe the properties of the systems and converts the experimental data to mathematical expressions, suggests theories about these expressions.
 Physical chemistry laboratory provides services about the problems and solutions for various application areas of chemical industries and development of the products (R&D). 
Research areas: 
• Thermodynamic
• Surface chemistry
• Electrochemistry
• Chemical kinetics
• Sonochemistry
• Polymer technologies
• Spectroscopic analyses 
Laboratory Staff Res.Assist.Şule AŞKIN (Ph.D.Student)
Project Assist.Emrah ŞIK (Ph.D.Student)
Gizem ERGÜN (Master student)
Ayşe CAN (Master student)
Mikail KARACA (Master student) 
Applications 1- Treatment of the wastewaters from various industries by the methods listed below:
• Advanced oxidation phy2.JPEG
• Sonochemistry phy3.JPEG
• Adsorption
2- Production of vegetable based metal cutting fluids
3-Metal coating processes by electrolysis
4- Coating of metals by chemical vapor deposition
5-Adsorption/desorption by quartz crystal microbalance
Equipment V spectrophotometer
QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance)

Horizantal high degree temperature furnace for chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
Muffel furnace
Conductivity and pH
Thermostated shaker with stirrer
Projects • 2007-2010, Development of Vegetable Based Cutting Fluids and their Applications to different Metal Cutting processes (TÜBİTAK, Proje No: 107M164)
• 2008-2010, Removal of Naphthalene from Aqueous Solutions by Fenton Oxidation ( GYTE BAP, Proje No: 2008-A-08)
• 2009-2011, Treatment of Vegetable Based Cutting Fluid by Electrocoagulation (GYTE BAP, Proje No: 2009-A-14)
• 2010-2011, Decolorisation of Remazol Turquoise Blue textile dye from Aqueous Solutions by Electrocoagulation and Spectroscopic Characterization of Anode Sludge (GYTE BAP, Proje No: 2010-A-03)
• 2011-2012, Decolorization of Levafix Orange Dye from Aqueous Solutions by Using Electrocoagulation and Ultrasound Methods and Characterization of Anode Sludge (BAP, Proje No: 2011-A-05)
• 2012-2014, Removal of Arsenic from Potable Waters by Electrocoagulation: Process Development and Process Optimization (TUBITAK CAYDAG-111Y103)
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