Electrotechnology Application Laboratory

Laboratory Name  Electrotechnology Application Laboratory
Laboratory Responsible  Prof. Dr. Anatoli DIMOGLU
Department  EnvironmentalEngineeringDepartment
Telephone +90 0262 605 3206+90 0262 605 3214+90 0262 605 3246
Address Gebze Institute of Technology MuallimköyCampusEnvironmental Engineering Department 41400 Gebze/KOCAELİ
General Information In this laboratory, research and development activities are carried out on development of electrochemical process (electrocoagulation, electrooxidation, electroflotation etc.) applications for water, wastewater pollution reduction and recovery of wastes by application of several methods. 
Laboratory Staff Prof. Dr. Anatoli DIMOGLO Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet KOBYAAssoc. Prof. Dr. Nihal BektaşAsst. Prof. Dr. Hatice İNANRes. Asst. Dr. Abdurrahman AKYOLRes. Asst. Dr. Beyza SAMUKRes. Asst. Mesut TekbaşRes. Asst. Feride ULU (Doktora öğrencisi)Res. Asst. Özge TÜRKAY (Doktora Öğrencisi)Res. Asst. Sibel BARIŞÇI( Doktora Öğrencisi)Res. Asst. Elif ALAYDIN (M.Sc. Student)Project Asst. Emrah ŞIK (Ph.D. Student)Project Asst. Neslihan ERDEM (M.Sc. Student)Project Asst. Tuğba DİNÇER (M.Sc. Student)Project Asst. Yasemin Çalışkan Mesut Özden (M.Sc. Student)Cüneyt Şallı (M.Sc. Student)Gökay Bahçekapılı (M.Sc. Student)Aytuğ Tekbaş (Ph.D. Student)Işılay ULUSOY (Ph.D. Student)Hayriye Ebru ABAMOR (Ph.D. Student)Gökhan SAYİNER (Ph.D. Student)Ferah DEVECİ (Ph.D. Student)Alper SEÇGİN (M.Sc. Student)Fethullah BAYAT (M.Sc. Student)Şerif ÇAKMAK (M.Sc. Student)Mehmet Can AKKİRİŞ (M.Sc. Student)İlkay ÖZTÜRK (M.Sc. Student)
Applications There are some treatment studies on groundwater, surface water and industrial wastewater by advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies such as electrocoagulation, electrooxidation, electro-Fenton, electroflotation, adsorption in our research laboratory.Various research activities are carried out related to below subjects: Wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation and electro-oxidation.Metal recovery by electro deposition.Electrokinetic separation with a micro-scale separation.Removal of natural organic matter from drinking waters by electrochemical technologies.Treatment of galvanic wastewaters by electrochemical technologies.Treatment of different industrial wastewater using advanced treatment technologies.
Equipment UV visiablespectrofotometer (Hach-Lange) Ozone Generator (Sabo, 1 pcs.) pH, Temp. & Conductivity Meter (Hach-Lange, 1 pcs.)Ammonium Analyzer (HachLange, 1pcs.)Centrifuge (Hettich , 1 pcs.)Thermo reactor (Hach-Lange, 1 pcs.)Cooler (Samsung, Profilo 2pcs.)Sensitive Balance (OHAUS, 1 pcs.)Peristaltic Pump (Heidolph, 1 pcs.)Magnetic Stirrers (Heidolph, 2 pcs.)Orbital Shaker (Heidolph)BOD Direct (Hach-Lange)Incubator (Velp)Ultra purewatersystem(Millipore)DC PowerSupply (Pasific 2 pcs.)DC Power Supply (Industrial unit)Electro-Chemical reactor (2 quantity)Electro-technology unit (2 quantity)Electro-membran, Electro-flotation, Electro-dialyse units (Lab. type)High Voltage Power Supply, Model PS350-5000V-25W SRSDC Power Supply, GPS-3030DJSR water bathCP peristaltic pump 600RPMHanna portable pH meterOrion 3 STAR MultimeterMerck SQ118 photometerHeated shaker Heidolph Unimax 1010Aboatox luminometer 1253Heater-cooler Grant BoekelpH multi meter (Hach-Lange HQ40d, 1 pcs.)pH meter (Metler Toledo MP 220, 1 pcs.)DC Power Supply (Agilent 6675A, 1 pcs.)DC Power Supply (Topward 6306D, 1 pcs.)Costant Water Circulator (Julobo 13, 1 pcs.)Sensitive Balance (UWA, 1 pcsd.)Peristaltic Pump (Heidolph, 1 pcs.)Magnetic Stirrer (Heidolph MR 3000D, 1 pcs.)
Projects 2012-2014, Removal of Arsenic from Waters by Electrocoagulation (EC): Process Developing and Process Optimization (TUBITAK CAYDAG-111Y103).Lignin Degradation And Sugar Increase By Using Ozonation And Microwave Pretreatment Methods On Ethanol Production From Agricultural Waste (GYTE – Scientific Research Projects) Humic Material Degradation By Using Heterogenic Catalysis In Ozonation (GYTE – Scientific Research Projects) Recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from urine by Electrochemical Processes (GYTE – Scientific Research Projects) Determination of Polyphenolcontent of Olive Mil Wastewater After Electrochemical Processes and Biodegradability (GYTE – Scientific Research Projects) Recovery Of Polyphenols From Olive Oil Mill Wastewater By Electrocoagulation (TUBITAK-1002)
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