Biotechnology Laboratory

Laboratory Name  Biotechnology Laboratory 
Laboratory Responsible Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melek ÖZKAN
Department Environmental Engineering Department
Telephone +90 0262 605 3230-3222
Address Gebze Institute of Technology, Environmental Engineering Department, Muallimkoy Campus 41400 Gebze/KOCAELİ
General Information The studies use biological systems and apply biological techniques for Environmental Engineering. Aerobic or anaerobic bacteria and different yeast cells are used and various enzymes DNAs are analysed. Studies include the use of cellulolytic microorganisms and different yeast cells for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic wastes. Beside, efficient bacteria are isolated from environmental sources, characterized by 16SrRNA analysis and used for heavy metal bioremoval in bach and continuous systems. In addition, the studies include the implementation of aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment processes, biosorption, and advanced wastewater treatment using MBRs and Jet-loop reactors. 
Laboratory Staff Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güleda ENGİNAssoc. Prof. Dr. Melek ÖZKANDr. Elif ŞENTÜRKDr. Mahir İNCEPınar KARAGÖZ, (PhD student)Binnur Kıratlı HERAND (MSc. student)Project Asist. Ali Kemal TOPALOĞLU (MSc. student)Project Asist. Betül TAVACI (MSc. student)Project Asist. Münevver DEMİRTAŞ (MSc. student)
Applications Growth of Yeast and bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic) Bioethanol production (fermentation and co-fermentation) Lignocellulosic waste pretreatment DNA isolation and PCR Gene cloningEnzyme production and purification Anaerobic Treatment of Sewage SludgeUltrasound Aided Anaerobic Treatment of Sewage SludgeAnaerobic Treatment of Industrial WastewatersAnaerobic Treatment of Munitions Industry WastewaterIndustrial Wastewater Treatment by Jet-Loop BioreactorsBiosorption and Applications in Wastewater Treatment
Equipment pH meter, Hanna pH211 microprocessorOrbital shaker incubator, ShellabIncubator, Binder BD 53Centrifuge 1, Sigma 3-18K Centrifuge 2, Hettich EBA 20Magnetic stirrer 1, variomac powerthermMagnetic stirrer 2, Clifton CerastirHomogenizer, Heischer UD 100 HPCR, Techne TC-312Gel electrophoresis, Biorad miniprotean tettracellPower source, Labnet powerstation 300UV Transilluminator, Uvitec BXT 20 MSensitive balance, Ohaus adventurer proBalance, Ohaus adventurer Vortex, Yellowline TTS 2Anaerobik chamber, Bactron Anaerobic/Environmental chamberAutoclave, Astel AMA240Ice maker, Hoshizaki ice maker FM-80EEPeristaltic pump, Heidolph Pumpdrive 5101Laminar Flow cabinet,Slurry Rheometer System (Anton PaarThermoreactor (WTW CR2200)Thermoreactor (HACH, 1 pcs.)Spectrophotometer (DR2800)Ultrasonic Generators (Wuxi MQ 20,40,60,80-100-200-400-600-800kHz)pH, Temperature, Conductivity Meter (WTW, Multiline P4, 3 pcs.)pH, Temperature, Conductivity Meter (HACH)Centrifuge (HERMLE Z206A)Centrifuge with Cooler (Universal 16R)Drying Oven (SANTEZ SE-65)Drying Oven (MEMMERT)Microscope (Nikon ECLIPSE E200)Precision Balance (Vibres)Precision Balance (Kern CP8)Water Circulator (Nüve BS402, 2 pcs.)Water Circulator (Anton Paar)Peristaltic Pump (Ismatec, 3 pcs.)Peristaltic Pump (Heidolph Pumpdrive 5201, 2 pcs.)Magnetic Stirrers (Heidolph MR3001 K)Magnetic Stirrers (Elektro-mag)Ultrasonic Bath (Bandelin Sonorex)
Projects Bioethanol production from glucose and xylose sugars produced from wheat straw by co-fermentation. GYTE BAP 2011-2012 (M. ÖZKAN).Investigation of heavy metal bioremoval capacitiy of metal resistant local bacterial izolates (as immobilized and free form) Tubitak 110T577. 2011-2012. (M. ÖZKAN).Isolation and characterization of microorganisms for copper removal from industrial wastewater. GYTE-BAP A27. 2009-2010. (M. ÖZKAN).Determination of inhibitory concentrtaions of heavy metals and organic pollutant materials on thermostable L-lactate dehydrogenase enzyme and development of a biosensor working principle of enzyme inhibition. BAP A 20, 2007-2009. (M. ÖZKAN).Development of thermostable lactate biosensor by using C. thermocellum lactate dehydrogenase. TÜBİTAK TBAG 105T511, 2006-2008. (M. ÖZKAN).Use of cellulosic wastes for bioethanol production. TÜBİTAK ÇAYDAG 105Y075, 2005-2008. (M. ÖZKAN).Investigation on the effect of EPS type and concentration on membrane fouling in thermophilic Jet-Loop membrane bioreactors (TUBITAK CAYDAG-110Y134) (G. ENGIN)Modelling of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Process System and Development of Effective Control Algorithms (TÜBİTAK EEEAG-104E069), 2005 - 2007. (G. ENGIN)Investigation on The Treatment of Leachate From Kemerburgaz – Odayeri Landfill Site Using High Performance Compact Membrane Bioreactors (TÜBİTAK ÇAYDAG-104Y310), 2005 - 2007. (G. ENGIN)Investigation Of Treatability Of Ammunition Industry Wastewaters Using Electron Beam Accelerator-Membrane Bioreactor Hybrid Systems, TAEK A5.H1.P1.05, 2012 - (G. ENGIN).Treatment Of Wastewaters With High Cod Load Using Jet Loop Membrane Bioreactors, GYTE 2004-A-09, 2004-2007. (G. ENGIN)Pyrolysis of Waste Sludge by Microwave Technique, GYTE 2005-A-15, 2005-2007. (G. ENGIN)Investigation and Modelling of the Treatment Performance of Potato Processing Wastewater in a Two-Stage Anaerobic Reactor, GYTE 2008-A-21, 2008-2010. (G. ENGIN)Investigation Of Treatability of Chips Processing Wastewaters Using Jet Loop Membrane Bioreactors, 2009-A-21, 2009-.(G. ENGIN)Determination of rheological characteristics of activated sludge in a membrane bioreactor, 2010-A-24, 2010-.(G. ENGIN)


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