Class Organization

- Classes can be changed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities where the editing can be done (chairs, etc..)

- Pay attention to the placement of the students to the first floor of the buildings.

Lessons organization:

Students sit in a suitable place so that they could see and follow the professor.

Students can request help from the professors and they help in this matter, if it is possible.

There may be a decrease in motivation because of the student's disease. Professors frequently give feedback which will support them to follow lessons.

Due to lack of student disabilities commission provide them appropriate learning methods.

Course in basic/compulsory can be changed. If it is not possible to change the structure of the course will be applied.

The student should be given support to keep their motivation high.

Test organization:

Examinations (considering the student's request) are given additional time or they obtain them separate.

They can use computers or calculators.

Support staff (volunteer college students) can help them during oral exams.

Exams spelling rules can be ignored and the student's lack of information can be evaluated separately.

Documents can be prepared in large print for students who have low vision

 Disabled students must be provided with wheelchair in the test entrance


Transportation services for academic and non-academic events inside/outside the campus.

Sports: Making appropriate conditions of physical fields, pool and gym

Parking: Priority parking

Early registration:

The day of early registration for students with disabilities will be on the WEB page. They may register one day before other students.

They have priority in provision of scholarship

Health: The provision of health care through the infirmary.

NOTE: In need of student with disabilities, training course materials, equipment, tools and methods (use of different formats, such as embossing, audio tape, computer, sign language interpreters, CD vs. who knows) can be available.

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