Disaster and Emergency Management Division

Our division's duty is to determine the current situation regarding disaster preparedness and resilience, advance notification systems, dispatch of emergency evacuation and response teams to the site, and response during and following disasters in the buildings and open areas of our university campus in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, building fires and green field fires; to make suggestions for the elimination of deficiencies and inadequacies; to determine emergency and disaster prepared strategies; and to make recommendations on structural, administrative and logistical organization plans.


Protection of personnel and students against disasters at Gebze Technical University, establishment, equipment and training of Civil Defense Services.

To ensure that all the divisions at Gebze Technical University take an active role in disasters and to make training, exercises and plans for such situations to be handled with minimum damage.


Click here for Kocaeli Governorship Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate.

Click here for Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate.



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