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Electronic Journal List


It gives links of all electronic journals that GTU Library’s subscribed and accessed as the Full Text.  

Scanning Electronic Resources


It is a service that enables all subscribed databases and electronic resources to be scanned from a single interface.

Academic Search Complete

Full Text

Academic Search Complete, specially designed for academic institutions, offers more than 5,300 magazines, including 4,400 magazines, as Full Text. The Full Text articles in the database can go back to the years 1865 in searchable PDF format.

ACM Digital Library

Full Text

ACM Digital Library database covers computer, electric and electronics journals. Retrospectively, in this database contains as full texts for journals, conferences and special interest group lists, and  in case other publications are as bibliographic citations and abstracts.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

Full Text

You can access to 36 magazines issues about Chemistry published by ACS as the Full Text.

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Full Text

You can access to 22 magazines published by American Institute of Physics.

American Physical Socciety (APS) with PROLA

Full Text

It contains the following journals in the subject field of physics. It also provides access to archives with PROLA database.
Physical Review A, Physical Review B, Physical Review C, Physical Review D, Physical Review E, Physical Review Letters, Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) 
Physical Review X (Open Access)
Physical Review Special Topics – Accelerators and Beams (Open Access)
Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research (Open Access) 
Physics –(Open Access)

Applied Science & Business Periodical Retrospective Retro Index


Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective is one of the basic indexes in the field of life sciences and economics administrative sciences that index more than 2,000 publications published in 1913-1983. The database includes more than 4.7 million records and publications with primary importance in many other area such as environmental engineering, economics, electrical and electronics engineering, energy resources and research, finance, aviation and space, industrial engineering, communications and information technology, occupational health and safety, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mining engineering, accounting, nuclear energy and engineering, automotive engineering, marketing and sales, corporate mergers, transportation, international trade.

ASCE  (American Society of Civil Engineers )

Full Text

ASCE Library is a database including all disciplines of civil engineering disciplines. It is one of the most important sources in its field. Within the scope of 32  ASCE Magazine all numbers from 1983; it covers the minutes of ASCE, which is from 2001 to the present day and whose number exceeds 190.

ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineers) Full Text Access to all ASME's journals on mechanical engineering and related topics since 2000.

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals


Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals, produced by Getty Research Institute, is the only source of literature on architecture and design. This database contains more than 2,500 magazines.

Britannica Online

Full Text

Britannica Online is electronic version of "Encyclopedia Britannica" that published since 1768 and a source of information.

Business Source Ultimate

Full Text

Produced in the field of economic and administrative sciences, it is the world's most comprehensive Full Text database. The Full Text articles in the database contain much of the business collection of JSTOR as well as going back to 1886's.

Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982  Index Business Periodicals Index Retrospective: 1913-1982, a valuable resource for business and business research, indexes academic and commercial journals in its 70-year academic archive and contains the database of the Industrial Arts Index (1913-1957).
Central& Eastern European Academic Source Full Text This database, which contains full texts of academic journals published in Central and Eastern European countries, is both multidisciplinary and includes publications in many different languages. Including Turkey, also found that offers a collection of close to 660 full text journals from over 30 countries.
Some of the topics covered are: literature, science, law, business and economics, library and information sciences, engineering, political science, sociology, history, medicine and health sciences, etc.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Full Text

DOAJ is a directory service that lists more than 670 online magazines categorized according to their subjects, accessible as Full Text and not requiring a paid subscription. The issues of the journals spread to various disciplines such as social sciences, medicine, business, various engineering disciplines.


Full Text

National Science Foundation - produced with NSF (US American National Science Foundation) is world's most comprehensive and up-to-date, evidence-based clinical reference system. It provides information on direct treatment and diagnosis about 2000 diseases.

Ebook Central

Full Text

It covers 16 topic collections. These collections are Anthropology, Sociology, Business Administration and Economics, Computer and Information Technologies, Education, Engineering and Technology, History and Policy Sciences, Human Sciences, Language, Literature and Linguistics, Law, International Relations and Public Policy, Biology Medicine, Nursing and Health Science, Natural Sciences, Phycology. Religion and Philosophy Number of electronic books are more than 150,000.

Emerald Premier eJournal

Full Text

Emerald Premier eJournal Collection, which includes all e-journals of Emerald Publishing House, which mainly publishes in the field of management science, has 309 journals under 15 titles.


Full Text

It is main resource of researchers’ in education and related academic discipline. More than 1.2 million records (articles, books, thesis, and notifications etc. documents) are brought into use since 1966.

IET (IEE/IEEE Electronic Library)

Full Text

IET database provides full text access to all content from 1988, including 122 IEEE journals, 21 IEEE journals and 7170 conferences in the fields of electrical and electronics engineering, computer sciences, applied physics and biomedical / biotechnology. There are close to 100,000 articles selected from the 1950-1987 period and Full Text access to 1593 IEEE standard.  

In addition, 2400+ e-Book of Wiley IEEE, MIT Press and Morgan & Claypool (Engineering and Computer Science Digital Library) (purchased in 2016) can be accessed without any restrictions (DRM).

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Full Text

It provides information about physics, biomedical, material, electronics, mechanical and computer engineering. You can access to 42 periodicals as Full Text.

Ideal Online (Turkish Journal)

Full Text

Idealonline is a comprehensive Turkish electronic e-journal database providing access to a wide range of academic and popular journals in the social sciences, economics, business, architecture and health sciences. As of today, 315 journals have been made available to database researchers, consisting of 37,895 articles.

Some of the journals in IdealOnline database are: Andante, Bilim ve Ütopya, Hece, Mesele, Notos Öykü, Sözcükler, Tasarım, Tekstil-Teknik, Türk Edebiyatı, Varlık, Yedi Kıta, İnsan ve Hayat, Folklor/Edebiyat, Liberal Düşünce, Toplumsal Tarih, Uluslararası İlişkiler, İktisat ve Toplum

Turnitin Program  


Scientific Video

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), which started broadcasting in 2006, is the first refereed video database of the world that has been transferred to the video environment and visually explained. It contains over 7000 video articles and 90 videos are added every month. The articles are indexed by Pub / Medline, Scifinder, Scopus and Web of Science, and have the only video database in the world with the impact factor.

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We have a subscription in the following subjects:



3.Immunology and Infection 





8.Education videos: Molecular Biology and Genetics

JSTOR Full Text Access to the Jstor database is available in the specified headers. Arts & Science I - Arts & Science XIV, Life Sciences, Business IV, Ecology & Botany II, Jewish Studies, Hebrew Journals, Ireland Collection, Sustainability.
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

Full Text

It includes information on the chemical industry and related fields.


Full Text

MatSciNETe, published by American Mathematical Society, is available from 1940 to the present day. The publications that are published all over the world such as engineering, physics, computer which are the fields of application of mathematics and mathematics give criticism, references, bibliographic information and abstracts of publications. Full text access is offered to some journals.



It is the main reference for medicine and health. MEDLINE contains important medical information about many subjects such as medicine, patient care, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care system, preclinical science and so on. Created by National Library of Medicine, MEDLINE contains summaries of articles published in over 4,800 medical journals. Medline has its own specific, detailed MeSH subject headings and Indexing methods.

Military Big Data Full Text

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Nature Journals All    Full Text Nature Journals is the world's highest impact magazine package. 46 journals have been accessed since 2007. The "Academic Journals All" collection, which does not contain the phrase "Nature" "in its name and continues to be published in a parallel segment, was created by Nature Journal Group. It includes a total of 40 journals in the fields of clinical sciences, physical sciences and life sciences. Access since 1997.

Oxford Reference Online

Full Text

It contains more than 100 dictionary, language and topic reference sources that published by Oxford University Press.

Palgrave Macmillan  Full Text It constitutes the "PMJ All" journal package of Nature Magazine Group. It consists of 47 journals that publish in the fields of economics, economics, finance, social sciences, law, management sciences, philosophy and law. Accessed since 1997. Access is provided through the SpringerLink platform.


Full Text

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) is the most respected, multi-disciplinary series of scientific publications in the world. It includes biological, physical and social sciences.  Since its founding in 1914, PNAS has published research reports, reviews, criticisms, opinions, conference articles and activities that reflect the latest developments in the academic field. National Academy consists of 385 foreign members with approximately 2,100 members and 198 Nobel laureates.

ProQuest Business Collection Full Text

It responds to publication needs in Business, Accounting, International Economics, Environment, Law and Taxation, Information Sciences, Petroleum, Energy and Mining, Marketing and many other industries.

Within the scope of ProQuest Business Collection, the following databases have been integrated into the Business Collection and made available.

The ABI / INFORM Collection, J.P Morgan Research, The Entrepreneurship Database The Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection, The Asian & European Business Collection, The Business Market Research Collection

ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis Full Text Database

Full Text

This database is the world's most comprehensive collection of theses and finishing assignments written all over the world from 1743 to today. It contains over two million international scientific theses.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Full Text

It includes publications on chemistry published by Royal Society of Chemistry.

Royal Society of Chemistry E-Books

Full Text

There are total 1,200 e-books in chemistry, food science, nanoscience and bioscience. It covers books from 1968 to 2006. There is a wide range from high-level reference work to undergraduate textbooks.

Science Direct (Elsevier)

Full Text

It provides information in engineering, technology, medicine, chemistry, computer, humanities, economics, social sciences. Above 1700 journals are accessible as Full Text since 1997.



SciFinder, especially the Chemistry and Chemistry departments; It is an important program that can be used in Engineering Departments of Biology, Physics, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Nanotechnology, (Chemistry, Environment, Food, Polymer, Materials and Metallurgy, Textile, Energy Systems, Biomedical, Agriculture, Geology etc.).

SciFinder is a product of Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS).

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Science Online

Full Text

Science, haftalık disiplinlerarası bir bilim dergisidir. Science Online, derginin 1996 yılından bu yana bulunan yazılarına erişim sağlamaktadır. Konu başlıklarından bazıları Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik, Fizik, Biyoloji, Biyokimya, Ziraat, Uzay Bilimi ve Bağışıklık Sistemi Bilimidir.



Scopus is the most extensive abstract and reference database of research literature and qualified web resources. It is designed to find the information scientists need. Quick, easy and straightforward Scopus provides a superior support to the literature research process.

Springer Link

Full Text

You can access to 1292 periodicals related to engineering, biology, business administration, medicine, chemistry, geology, computer science, mathematics, physics, astronomy, environment sciences, law and economy as The Full Text  It contains Springer and Kluwer periodicals also.  

Taylor & Francis

Full Text

Mühendislik ve teknoloji, kimya, bilgisayar bilimi, malzeme bilimi, çevre bilimleri, enerji, matematik, fizik ve astronomi, işletme ve yönetim, sanat, coğrafya, sağlık bilimleri, sosyal bilimler konularındaki dergilere 1997 yılından itibaren Full Text erişim imkanı sağlamaktadır.

ULAKBIM Turkish Databases

Index and Full Text

You can access the databases of Turkish in Engineering and basic sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, Veterinary and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences with the databases of projects supported by TUBITAK.

Web of Science


It consists of these publications: Science Citation Index (since 1970), Social Science Citation Index (since 1970), and Arts & Humanities Index (since 1980).

Wiley Online Library

Full Text

Blackwell Synergy journals are included in Wiley Interscience database. It provides information in business, finance and management, law, chemistry, medical sciences, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics and statistics, physics, education, engineering, psychology. Since 1996, access to 1400 magazines has been provided.