• To prepare the budget proposals of the University on the basis of plan and program in order to ensure the most appropriate and efficient use of existing resources such as human, money and materials in order to fulfill the services and activities in an economical and effective manner and to monitor their implementation
  • Collecting and evaluating the necessary information, documents and statistics related to the financing sources of investment programs
  • Realizing and monitoring expenditures according to the appropriation status during implementation
  • To carry out all kinds of payment and collection works with the movable property affairs of the Presidency
  • To carry out services related to the supply of tools, equipment and materials
  • Unit Archive Services

Routine services performed during the year

  • Making monthly salaries of academic (Rectorate) and administrative staff by the 10th of the month (Full year)
  • Approval, Market research, Purchasing, Decision, Inventory and Accrual Procedures (Whole year)
  • Obtaining letter of credit authorization for foreign purchases, opening and closing loans (Full year)
  • Legislation Follow-up (Full year)
  • Tender Procedures (Full year)
  • Payment of monthly wages of permanent workers until the 12th of the month (Full year)
  • Advertisement Procedures (Whole year)
  • Correspondence (Whole year)
  • Document Registration (Whole year)
  • Archive Services (Full year)
  • Follow-up progress payments for tendered works (Whole year)
  • Travel and Attendance Payments of Academic (Rectorate) and Administrative Staff (Whole year)
  • Permanent duty travel, death allowance and other personnel payments for Academic (Rectorate) and Administrative Staff (Whole year)
  • Making Social Security Notifications and Payments of Permanent Workers and Contracted Personnel until the 25th of each month (Whole year)
  • Follow-up of personal debts of Academic (Rectorate) and Administrative Staff (Whole year)
  • Unit Archive Operations (Whole year)
  • Making SSI entries of the Agency Personnel




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