Office of Construction and Technical Works

The Office of Construction and Technical Works provides the students, academic and administrative staff with the technology, structure and infrastructure they need and conducts constant research and applications to improve the quality of the services it provides. The Office is the division where GTU’s construction, survey and planning, expropriation, building inspection, and land survey procedures are handled. Operations such as preparing the budget for all the works to be carried out under the Office’s responsibility, handling bids, completing the construction works, handling all the related internal and external correspondence are conducted by the Office.



To educate individuals who embrace the basic principles of the Republic and universal ethical values, who think independently and critically, who know how to access information, who use, produce, develop and disseminate information, who are researchers, who are competent in independent work but also successful in teamwork, who have developed social responsibility and environmental awareness, who know the basic concepts of their profession at the undergraduate level, who specialize in the relevant sub-discipline at the graduate level, who produce and apply contemporary technologies, to carry out R&D studies based on cooperation with industry and to contribute to increasing the international competitiveness of the country's industry. 

Our mission as the Department of Construction and Technical Affairs is to follow the technological developments and construction in our country and in the world, to provide the construction needed by all units of our university by taking into account aesthetics, safety and economy, to contribute to the development of our university and therefore our country by providing all kinds of technical support.



The main goal of Gebze Technical University is to continue its development as a University with the infrastructure facilities and manpower to compete with its counterparts in the world.
Our vision as the Department of Construction and Technical Affairs is to provide all kinds of structural and technical support necessary for our University to continue its social services and activities in line with its vision.






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