Office of Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel at Gebze Technical University was established with the aim to defend the university’s rights in potential disagreements and conflicts with the students and staff and also with other individuals and institutions/organizations, support the execution of the university’s acts in line with the applicable legislation, and provide counseling service according to the article 51 of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and the article 26 and 35 of the Delegated Legislation numbered 124 on the Higher Education Supreme Institutions and the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions.



The Mission of our Legal Consultancy is to provide all kinds of legal services in line with the provisions of the legislation in force, to organize and resolve legal disputes in line with the interests of the university in order to ensure that the legal services of our university are carried out smoothly, quickly, effectively and objectively in accordance with the legislation in force, and our Legal Consultancy is committed to implementing innovation and development activities as the main strategy with the method of continuous improvement of these processes.


The Vision of our Legal Consultancy is to help strengthen the legal infrastructure of our university by taking into account the laws of the European Union and international treaties to which we are a member, and to contribute to our university to be a model university among other universities, which adopts the rule of law, equality before the law, respect for human rights and adherence to ethical values in accordance with the requirements of the age, and to be a model university among other universities, and our Legal Consultancy is committed to continuously improving its vision.









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