Rockets Take Off from GTU Campus

24 January 2019

GTU Rocket Team fly their rockets in the sky following a model rocket training on campus 

Thanks to the joint activities of GTU's Aviation and Space Club and Turkish Aeronautical Association's (THK) Darıca Branch, a model rocket training led by Oktay Ünlü, THK Model Rocket Trainer, took place at GTU. In the training, theoretical information on rocketry was provided first. Following the theoretical information on topics such as rocket motors, rocket stability, aerodynamic effects, winglet shapes, departure and recovery systems, applied model rocket making activity was carried out. As a result, class S3 model rockets that use class A2 rocket motors in compliance with FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) standards were made and launched at GTU campus using parachutes as a recovery system, which enables re-launch. At the end of the training, GTU Rocket Team shared information with Oktay Ünlü about the preparations made for the Rocket Competition within TEKNOFEST 2019, and exchanged opinions. GTU Rocket Team, started within GTU's Aviation and Space Club, is conducting R&D studies on rocket technologies and supporting the Club's activities. 


News and Photo: GTU Aviation and Space Club

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