Prospective Computer Engineers Demonstrate Their Projects at GTU

21 January 2019

Senior undergraduate students from the Department of Computer Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering at GTU both demonstrate their graduation projects and find the opportunity to win awards with their projects

Graduation projects demo program aiming to use/develop engineering skills to solve real life problems organized at the Department of Computer Engineering at GTU has recently been completed. Students found the opportunity to present in practice the subjects they learned during their undergraduate education both to their instructors and the participants coming from companies. The projects prepared in many different subjects from health to education, security to aviation aroused a great deal of interest. A competition was also held among the students involved in the graduation projects. The projects were evaluated by an independent jury composed of the representatives of invited companies. The company representatives examined the projects one by one and a prize-giving ceremony was carried out for the winners. Top three students were awarded by Accenture company. 


GTU Computer Engineering Senior Student Şevval Mehder's project titled RaspiJoy won the first prize in the competition. The project enables individiuals willing to make and fly their own UAVs to place the functions whereever they need on the remote control and become used to the flight controls completing the adaptation period with minimum cost before a real flight can take place thanks to the remote control they themselves design using a small computer like Raspberry Pi Zero during the learning process. The project titled Melanoma by GTU Computer Engineering Senior Student Burak Akten, which came in the second in the competition, uses deep learning techniques to make early diagnosis possible for skin cancer and provides a system that can easily be used on mobile devices with Android. The project by GTU Computer Engineering Senior Student Mehmet Önder, which came in the third, enables the determination and 3D presentation of advertising content specific to the customer by replacing advertising displays with screens and hardware, due to the damages and costs caused by advertising displays. In order to determine the customer-specific advertising content, gender and age estimation is made using the customer's portrait photo  and a 3D image of the content is reflected on the screen based on the customer's location.

 As GTU Family, we congratulate all our students in the event and wish them continued success.

 News and Photos: GTU Office of Press and Public Relations

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