Urartu Şeker talks about synthetic biology in Biotechnology Seminars

Asst. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker (PhD) from Bilkent University's National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) was this week's guest in the Biotechnology Seminars organized by GTU's Institute of Biotechnology.

As the guest speaker of this week's Biotechnology Seminar, Prof. Şeker talked about the use of synthetic genetic circuits to design cellular devices and biomedical applications of cellular biosensors. At the end of the seminar, Şeker answered the participants' questions. Standing out from among the limited number of scholars working in the field of synthetic biology in Turkey, Asst. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker holds many awards including TÜSEB's (Health Institutes of Turkey) Science, Service and Incentive Awards, which he most recently received in October 2018.