High School Students Take Applied Chemistry Class at GTU

The 9th grade students of Private Şişli Terakki Tepeören Anatolian High School recently visited GTU's Department of Chemistry, accompanied by their chemistry teachers Aylin Sarı and İlkay Buket Ataç Özdemir, and Deputy Principal Yeşim Gençtürk. As part the visit, GTU Chemistry Department Faculty Member Asst. Prof. Burcu Dedeoğlu (PhD) gave the students a seminar on chemistry. In the seminar, the science of chemistry, subdisciplines of chemistry and fields of study in chemistry were introduced to the students. In addition, GTU Faculty Members Huriye Erdoğan Dağdaş (PhD), Assoc. Prof. Elif Okutan (PhD), and Assoc. Prof. Yunus Zorlu (PhD) provided students with information on biochemistry, nanotechnology and crystal structures. In the second part of the seminar, the students visited the Chemistry Department laboratories, and a "nylon synthesis" experiment was carried out at the Polymer Laboratory with students' active participation. Following the experiment, the students also visited the X-Ray Laboratory, NMR Laboratory, Spectroscopy Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, and Biochemistry Laboratory, obtaining detailed information about these laboratories, and used the opportunity to get to know the science of chemistry in practice.