Elements of Success in Business Life Discussed

Within the scope of the event titled "Prepare for Business Life" and organized by GTU's Career Development Center "KAGEM", Personal Development Trainer Karin Işıkçı from Dale Carnegie Academy came together with students. The event, which was held in two sessions, one in a Faculty of Business Administration classroom and the other in GTU Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Conference Hall, was attended by KAGEM Director Assoc. Prof. Meral Elçi (PhD), members of academic and administrative staff, and the students. As part of the event, applied trainings on topics such as "Communication at Work", "Human Relations", "Power of Values" were provided.

During the training sessions, Karin Işıkçı pointed out the importance of "attitude", in addition to knowledge and skills that bring success in business life, and emphasized that one must develop an attitude of self-motivation rather than just investing in knowledge and skills. Işıkçı added that having strong communication skills helps individuals overcome obstacles at work.