Islam and Science Workshop at GTU

The "Islam and Science Workshop", where what needs to be done for the scientific rise of the Islamic world was discussed in all its aspects, was carried out at GTU as the host, in GTU's Electronics Engineering Lecture Hall. The workshop, which was prepared by International Universities Council (IUC) and supported by International Union of Muslim Scholars, was attended by Gebze District Governor Mustafa Güler, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak, Derince District Governor Cemil Aksak, GTU Rector Prof. Muhammed Hasan Aslan (PhD), IUC Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Orhan Hikmet Azizoğlu, International Union of Muslim Scholars Secretary General Prof. Ali Karadaği (PhD), members of the two guest institutions, national and international academicians, representatives of various organizations, institutions and non-governmental organizations, and students. Following the singing of the National Anthem and reciting of verses from the Holy Quran, protocol talks were made at the opening ceremony of the workshop. Then, the academicians coming from different universities including the universities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar and Turkey separated into study groups and each grup worked on one of the following topics: "Scientific Developments in Islam from Past till Our Day", "Sociological Changes and Transformations in Islam", and "Place and Importance of Muslim Scholars in Global Life".

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