GTU Receives A+ Rating From Students

TÜMA (Turkey University Satisfaction Survey) Report for 2018, published by ÜniAr (University Research Laboratory), is announced. In the survey, conducted collecting data from over 26,000 students in 172 universities consisting of 109 state universities and 63 foundation universities, GTU is ranked the 5th among the state universities, making an A+ University.

The 2018 Report for TÜMA (Turkey University Satisfaction Survey), which is considered as one of the guiding studies for students in their selection of a university to study and conducted by ÜniAr (University Research Laboratory), has recently been published. The students of 172 universities in total rated their university on a scale of F to A+. According to the results of the survey, GTU has been rated as an A+ university, which indicates that its students are satisfied with the university to the maximum level, in terms of education and teaching quality, quality of life at campus, academic support and interest provided, administration and operations, abundance of learning opportunities and sources, and the support provided for students' personal and career development.


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