2nd Infographics Exhibition at GTU

The 2nd Infographics Exhibition of Cities takes place at GTU's Faculty of Architecture

Led by Dilek Hocaoğlu (PhD), Faculty Member, Department of Industrial Product Design, GTU, and within the scope of the course titled "Urban Identity and Branding", taught by Hocaoğlu under the Master's Program in City and Regional Planning for 2017-2018 Spring Semester, an exhibition consisting of the infographics of cities took place between June 19-27, 2018. For the exhibition, 8 cities selected by GTU's architecture students were examined and reported in terms of the factors, activities and values that make up their urban identity, and the results were exhibited as infographics posters.

The students who prepared the infogprahics of cities and the names of cities are as follows: Otgonbayar Jamsran-Ulaanbaatar; Nur Sönmez-Mudurnu; Nazire Koç-Darıca; Esra Parıldı-Sakarya; Azize Maide Kızıltaş-Yalova; Duygu Kıran-Bursa; Sena Barış-İzmit; Ayşe Arslan-Karabük.