GTU Students Make 11-Year-Old's Dreams Come True

GTU students who are members of the Social Responsibility Committee and the Robotics Automation Society under the GTU IEEE Student Society have contributed to the project that was started especially for children who do not have access to prosthetic care and produced a mechanical hand for a 11-year-old boy called "Yunus Emre" from Hatay, Turkey.

The project was started by "Enabling the Future" movement, which is a social responsibility movement that aims to produce affordable and usable robotic hands for those in need using 3D printers. With the support of the Robotel Türkiye (Robotic Hands Turkey) Platform, which has undertaken the part of this international movement in Turkey, GTU IEEE Student Society members took part in the project. GTU students designed a robotic hand for the 11-year-old Yunus Emre who lives in the İskenderun district of Hatay city in Turkey. After producing the robotic hand, the students visited Yunus Emre at his house and presented him with it. Later, the students thanked everyone who was involved in the process and said they were so happy and proud because they were provided such an opportunity to help Yunus Emre and his family.    

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