GTU Academic Achieves Remarkable Success

Under the TUBITAK 1003 R&D Programme "Investigations Towards 1003-ENE-HPIL-2017-1 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technologies",  the project that was undertaken by GTU Academic Asst. Prof. Aligül Büyükaksoy from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been entitled to receive TUBITAK support.

Receiving support with his project titled "Developing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells That Operate With High Performance and Stability Under Low Temperatures", Büyükaksoy commented: "Solid oxide fuel cells are ceramic membrane based energy transformation devices. They transform the highly efficient (up to 85%) chemical energy into electric energy. Thanks to this ability and together with SOFCs, they have the potential to pose solutions for the world's energy and environmental problems. However, high operating temperatures (700-900 ºC) cause chemical and physical deteriorations, thus a decrease in performance on these devices. The aim of our project is to ensure that SOFCs operate under lower temperatures (at ≤600 °C) without loss of performance. In order to reach this goal, a new SOFC design and a production method have been proposed within the scope of the project.