Talks On Current Topics - A Series: External Garden Space

In the third and final talk within the series of talks organized jointly by GTU's Department of Architecture and Architectural Design Club (MİTA) under the Architecture Week, Assoc. Prof. Ervin Garip from Istanbul Kültür University talked about "Public Space as an 'External Garden Space'".

At the event that took place at Block N, Faculty of Architecture, Assoc. Prof. Garip mentioned the ideas he developed during the contests he participated and explained the theoretical framework of the "External Garden" concept. Garip remarked that it could be possible through education that the urban landspace is used and embraced by everyone, and programs to use the urban landscape at schools could be developed to begin with. 

"My goal is to bring together social life and design"

In his talk, Garip suggested that, in terms of using the urban landscape, some classes could be taught out in the open space as in the garden of a house. He said that everyone, particularly young people, could clean the front of their house or gardens, and that this way, they could protect their landscape and embrace it even more. Garip also pointed out to the importance of designing pedestrian roads leading to these spaces. Emphasizing that his passion for architecture as a job fed his thoughts, Garip expressed that his goal is to bring together social life and design, rather than just making buildings.