The Series "Talks on Current Topics in Architecture" Continues with Orkun Özüer

The second talk of the series titled "Talks on Current Topics in Architecture", organized by GTU's Architectural Design Club  MİTA under the World Architecture Week, was made by in Block N of the Faculty of Architecture.

The talk was titled "Architectural Competitions as a Beginning" and was made by Orkun Özüer, who has received many prizes at the architectural competitions he joined up to now and who has presented the Turkish Architecture with his many valuable works such as Bornova Children's Museum. In his talk, Özüer mentioned the professional competition processes and said that knowledge about competitions is gained by entering competitions, emphasizing that getting out in the field is very important. He also stated that team work is more valuable than individualism and that it is reinforced by the master-apprentice relation.  Özüer added that "doing" instead of watching/observing renders this relation even more productive.

Özüer continued his talk remarking that once a person enters a competition, it makes them disciplined in every aspect of their life and that is how one becomes a competitor and a designer, expressing that entering the competition itself creates an exciting and positive situation despite all possible negativities. Highlighting that defending one's idea and sticking to it during the decision-making process for a specific design is also a significant parameter, Özüer answered the students' questions in the QA session after his talk. At the end of the event, Özüer was presented with a thank you plaquet by the MİTA Chair Fatih Çivi. 


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